A business email list may not be a cart of apples and oranges but it is perishable. It does not need to be organic in order to expire nor does it need a cranky hard drive or a virus. All it needs is the same thing any perishable good needs in order to rot: neglect.

Business Email List, Email List, Lead GenerationData may be there but what good is data when it is outdated? For example, you take a picture of your kid at seven years old and put it in your PC. Over the next seven years, that picture does not change. You still see that cute little munchkin playing with a favorite toy or two. On the other hand, the real thing is now a jock, cheerleader, nerd, punk, or any other typical archetype you can think up for your typical teenager.

The same thing happens to your business email list. It may not be full of teens but what you are forgetting is that such lists are not just columns of names or contact details. It is a list of people and forgetting that should not be a common mistake in your email marketing services. Furthermore, this is not just about the fact that people grow old and change. They also change jobs. They get promoted (or demoted). Scary as this sounds, some of them might even be dead! Regardless, the way people change will also mean that the value of your list will change along with them.

With that established, how do you keep the value of your list fresh? How do you know that the people on it are still the same people? Does it even make a list worth buying anymore? As to that last question, the answer is still one big “YES!”

Here is why and here is how you can preserve the quality of your business email list.

  • #1: Maintain updates – Both list providers and buyers have the same responsibility when it comes to keeping it updated. Marketing is not a one-way, one-time conversation between yourself and customers. It should be constant and that includes keeping in touch. You not only preserve your email list with that, you also have a chance to increase its value!
  • #2: Use it – Why let good food rot when you are supposed to eat it? When it comes to your list, have you ever thought about using it? Some people get so caught up in acquiring data that they forget to realize its value by acting up on it. Start your email campaigns once you get good data before it rots!
  • #3: Incorporate more – Sometimes your list really does grow shorter so you need to keep adding newer contacts to help its growth. Check with your provider if they have any updates of their own. Explore new industries. Business expansion can also affect the amount of number of prospects you can include among your customers.

With businesses digitizing their data, they are forgetting that the value of data lies in its availability. It does not make data immune to its own form of decay. Use your lead generation services to save your business email list from expiring.