Parents, Collect Your Children!

One of the downsides of using WordPress as a CMS (content management system) is that you end up with a ton of unorganized PAGES in your admin dashboard.

Menu systems are nice, but they only help the visitor.

Making pages a “child” (sub-page) of a page of that topic name can greatly help improve navigation (and adds that keyword to the page URL). This is done by assigning a “parent” to the child in the child’s edit page.

However, even if you set the post/pages view to display more than 20 posts, there’s a probability you’re going to run many pages deep.

I have a little microsite (product sales funnel) that is mostly pages and was suffering this issue.

Fortunately, this little site runs very few plugins so I was able to justify digging through the repository until I found…

WordPress Plugin: Admin Collapse SubPages

You can find “Admin Collapse SubPages” for free in the WordPress repository and it does exactly what it says on the jar… adding (+) and (-) expand/collapse structure to your admin view of your pages listing.

Once installed you will see a viw of that looks a lot like this…

As you can see, this greatly improves the useability of the pages listing.

Clicking (+) expands the child pages (aka sub pages) and lets me see everything under it.

Clicking (-) tucks all the children up into hidden view until I need them.

If you’re using WordPress as a CMS and find that dealing with all of your pages of pages becomes overwhelming this plugin will really help with navigation.

I haven’t decided if I will add it here on my main blog, which does badly need it, as I already have about 20 plugins so adding more is not advisable.

Really handy little plugin for my little sales funnel sites! (Four stars because it’s not a must-use by any stretch of the imagination but it is stable and handy.)

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