WordPress Lead Capture Solutions For Easier Lead Gathering

Many businesses miss out on potential business opportunities every day. Even worse? They don’t realize it. The expression, “you don’t know what you’re missing,” often rings true for too many companies – and it is so unnecessary. Because you put a lot of time, effort and money into your website, you expect a return on your investment.

Perhaps you own or work for a business which currently suffers from this type of loss. You check your website analytics religiously and see regular traffic coming to your website – but hardly anyone, if anyone, is filling out your contact form. What to do? If you run a WordPress website, you may be interested in WordPress lead capture solutions.

WordPress users already know about the vast array of available plugins and widgets; the blogging platform provides several options to make gathering leads easier as well. WordPress lead capture solutions range from free to pro (for fee), depending on the needs and criteria for your business’ website. The following plugins offer different ways to obtain the same desired result: easy and effective lead capture.

Gravity Forms

People who purchase and use this plugin feel they have invested wisely. Gravity Forms allows you to develop and customize contact forms with ease. The plugin also lets you integrate your contact forms with many well-known third-party email and billing applications, which presents even more opportunities for capturing leads. For these reasons and more, Gravity Forms ranks high among WordPress lead capture solutions.

WordPress SideOffer

Ask people what they think of pop-ups and most will express negative sentiments. WordPress SideOffer provides a better option to display your messages and calls to action. Rather than a pop-up, your website visitors see a slick pop-out slider. The plugin enables you to customize your slider’s graphics, further enhancing your now highly visible call to action. The developers of this plugin proudly proclaim their own satisfaction with their product. They state that they use it themselves and confidently include it as part of their own clients’ WordPress lead capture solutions.

Newsletter Sign-Up Plugin

Many businesses achieve successful lead capture through publishing and sending out online newsletters. WordPress’ Newsletter Sign-Up plugin makes it easy to build and/or increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter. More eyeballs on your newsletter and content means more leads – and potential clients. This plugin works with almost all the third-party email marketing services. You can choose from dozens of newsletter-related plugins, but this one ranks high among its users.

WP Lead Plus Free Squeeze Page Creator

The last on this list – but certainly not least – is WP Lead Plus Free Squeeze Page Creator. This plugin helps you create one of the most important site pages – the squeeze page. A squeeze page exists specifically for lead capture. The more persuasive (and simple) the message on the squeeze page, the more likely your visitors are to provide their contact information. If you want to easily design a squeeze page that helps attract and capture more leads, you should take a look at this plugin.

Do you use any of these or other WordPress plugins for lead capture? I would love to hear your suggestions and opinions.

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photo credit: Sean MacEntee via photopin cc