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A few years ago ad blockers began to emerge which has greatly impacted the number of visitors and subscribers on a brand website. Since Google has updated algorithm and new apps have emerged these important online relationships have dwindled. The good news is there are a few non-intrusive ways to encourage people to stay on your website and engage.

Today it is much harder to connect with the audience on a personal brand’s website when there are too many ads. By implementing a few strategies your brand can start growing your audience again.

How can your brand effectively change its advertising approach and bring back more subscribers? Through reminders, ad placement, and daily follow-up.

Use these strategies to help facilitate growth again without being intrusive on your audience:

How to build a strong website with ads

The following steps are things your personal brand can start doing today with better results.

  • Find out who your visitors are – Conduct target market research to determine exactly who is coming to your website and how many are leaving, especially due to advertising. Through this data, you can discover whether they are using ad blockers. If this is the case, your brand can install a simple message to encourage them to turn this off as some users may not even realize they have this installed.
  • Request your website to be whitelisted – Approach your visitors with a simple, clear, and direct message with a reminder for them to “allow ads.” It’s important that you offer them something of value in your content and products or services to encourage them to whitelist your website.
  • Make it easy for the end user – Remove any hindrances to visitors coming to your website — especially for mobile users. Know exactly where ads should be placed for all devices, including computers or laptops. Run a speed test to determine whether your pages are loading too slow as this can lead to people turning away as quickly as they arrive.

Taking the time to assess your brand’s website means investing some time and effort, but the payoff is great as you begin to see an increase in subscribers and sales. Stay up to date with the latest changes on Google in order to avoid any conflicts with their policies, and pay attention to how many ads are being placed on your landing page.