As Google continues to update their algorithms to weed out the web’s undesirables, webmasters are turning to Web 2.0 properties to put them back on the map. There are many ways to build effective backlinks to a website, but according to SEO experts Web 2.0 still dominate in the search results. Just do a search for anything at random and you’re bound to see a few Web 2.0 sites in the results. This is good news for people who continue to rely on these properties to bring lots of organic traffic to their main site. But it also spells disaster for those who have not yet accepted the significance to Web 2.0 sites and the role they play in SEO.

The question still remains, will these sites continue to dominate the search engines throughout 2013? It’s never easy to predict Google’s patterns or intentions – just look at the mass destruction they did last year – but it’s probably safe to say that these properties will provide beneficial results way into 2013 and beyond. The reason for this is mainly because of what these sites represent. Let’s take a look at what a website 2.0 site is to understand why they’re so important.

What is A Web 2.0 Site

Web 2.0 sites basically brought interaction to a once static web. It provides a way for web users to do more than just retrieve information on the web. Now users can generate their own content in response to existing content, interact with publishers and one another, and share content all on a user friendly interface. You can read more about The Benefits of Web 2.0 Sites.

The primary importance of these sites to webmasters and SEOs is that they provide the opportunity for building backlinks. Whether the links are Do Follow or No Follow, they will boost the traffic potential of the site and certainly increase it’s visibility in the search engines.

Sites like Tumblr, Hubpages, Stumble Upon, Youtube and Twitter, continue to be a constant source of new and repeat traffic -and backlinks – for the webmasters who use Web 2.0 sites as part of their marketing strategy.

While some of these sites are being phased out for whatever reasons, others will see continued growth and new ones will enter the market.

Why Web 2.0?

The reason why sites like Youtube will continue to dominate can be summarized in one simple statement: They’re trustworthy, modern, user friendly and they won’t accept spam content.

In case you didn’t already know, Google hates spam and these sites will do everything possible to ensure that they maintain a spam free community. That means deleting posts, accounts and banning users who fail to comply with their terms of service.

While a few people might get under their radar and still post spam, the quantity of it is relatively small. Today marketers are recognizing that spam doesn’t pay and many of them have cleaned up their acts.

As we look forward to the new face of SEO for the latter half of 2013 and beyond, we can definitely say that Web 2.0 is here to stay. Use these properties with a wise head, keep your content clean and you’ll reap the exciting and profitable rewards.