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The Internet is full of review sites. From Yelp and Google to Facebook Business Pages, there’s nowhere you can turn without seeing what other people have to say. The importance of having online reviews is unignorable. With 85% of people trusting online recommendations as much as personal ones1, the Internet is starting to replace word of mouth business tactics.

In order to increase the effectiveness of your business page reviews, you need to start implementing a system that complements the online review process. Implementing a system is easier than ever to integrate into your customer service routine and comes with a huge list of benefits. Not only does it help you save time and create a seamless customer service process, it also helps to generate more positive online reviews. Simply put, in today’s world, you can’t afford to go without a system that helps you get online reviews.

Why Having a System Works

Having a system in place to help you get more online reviews is a great way to ensure that your business page stays relevant and up to date for prospective customers. It streamlines the entire process by giving you and your business your very own review funnel website. All you need to do is integrate it as part of your customer process by emailing it to customers post-business or handing them an in-person review card that asks them to take action online.

This system helps you get more positive online reviews through a process that works to minimize the number of negative reviews people leave. It encourages valuable client input across a variety of different review sites that helps you organize where your efforts are focused. Keep reading to find out exactly how this type of system works to help take your business to the next level.

How the System Works

The system is an easy to use, user-friendly alternative to having your customers visit review sites to begin their process. It starts out by asking the customer to give a star rating to your company.

If they rate you at a 4 or a 5, a window pops up with a customizable list of review websites. They can be turned on/off, new ones can be added and old ones can be taken down. It all depends on the needs of your company and where you want to focus your efforts. After they click on their preferred place to leave a review, they are taken directly to that website where they can quickly and easily give you your 4 or 5 star rating. These ratings are immediate, public and go towards your average rating for that site. The easy integration of multiple different sites allows customers to choose where they want to leave a review without putting too much effort into the process.

Now, if a customer rates your company a 3 star or lower, a different window pops up. This window allows the customer to fill in their name, contact information and a detailed message about why they were unsatisfied with your company. It is paired with a statement about striving for 100% customer satisfaction and how you want to address their concerns to improve their experience. After the customer fills out this form, it directly sends a message to you. This allows you to not only address negative reviews immediately but to do so privately before the public has a chance to read a potentially harmful review. If you meet your customer’s concerns with authenticity and a genuine attempt to resolve their conflict, the likelihood that they’ll move forward with a negative review decreases tremendously.

While this helps tremendously to minimize any negative reviews being posted publicly, your customers will still be able to go directly to the review site after posting their opinion on the private form. This is because Google has guidelines in place for reviews that businesses must adhere to.

Without a system like this in place, negative reviews are instantly posted to any review site someone may be posting on.