Image via Video Packshots 

Ok, maybe you do already have a couple of videos that you’ve shared on your website or YouTube channel, but you could be doing so much more. As technology continues to advance like the speed of light, and online strategy gets more and more unpredictable, video looks to be a great way forward for many.

Here’s a helpful little article by me explaining how and why Google likes videos.

In a nutshell, web videos can:

  • Make your website more ‘sticky’ (i.e. increase the amount of time users spend on your site)
  • Improve your overall product rank
  • Enhance the quality of your content,
  • Boost your site’s share-ability.

Something like Video Packshots seems a great way to harness the power of video by allowing seamless integration with still photos of your products – an example like says it all.  There are more reasons why Asos is one of the most popular online fashion stores than its clothes, namely the website itself. If you don’t know the site well, head there now and you’ll discover the extensive viewing options the site offers online shoppers.

Users can choose to see still images from all angles but they also have the option to see products in motion, creating a 360 degree and more life-like impression of the item they’re looking at.

via Asos.Com

Whether you’re a clothes retailer looking for the perfect illustration of how your dresses will hang and flow in real life, or you’re a retailer of household vacuums, online videos can present a brilliant way to display your products on the web.  I also think it empowers customers to make more informed choices about what they’re buying.

A Little Bit about Responsive Design

The great thing about videos is that they give users the chance to become more interactive with your site, customers can have more control over particular moments of a product demo or a how to video that they are particularly interested in. They’ll appreciate this and be likely to use your site again.

This new kind of interaction can also provide you with additional visitor direct-response metrics to monitor onsite: How many people are hovering over your videos? Which product videos are causing the highest bounce rates? Which videos are getting the most shares?

I predict that ecommerce sites harnessing the power of web video effectively are going to be ecommerce online winners in 2013. I also think corporate video companies who lead the way when it comes to web/video integration are going to do equally well, what do you think?