Why You Must Know How Your Audience Absorbs Information

Want to build a successful online presence? Want prospects to spend longer reading content you generate, increase your influence, and have higher conversion rates? I think we all do.

The way your audience processes online content is an essential tidbit of information that will help you create a website or blog that encourages visitors to take your desired action. Some people absorb information more thoroughly with visuals, while others find interaction, words, or audio more powerful and memorable. Since we all process information in unique ways, it’s a good idea to cover all of your bases when building a connection between your brand image and your target audience.

Below are 5 different channels to establish a connection between your targeted website visitor and your brand (mix and match as you see fit):

  1. Audio: From podcasts to Mp3 downloads, live audio stream to BlogTalkRadio, audio is a powerful tool to get people to take action. Whether you offer an Mp3 in exchange for a prospect’s email address or you simply have replays available on your website or blog, audio works to inform prospects and allows people to emotionally connect with you and your brand.
  2. Video: I personally love websites and blogs that utilize video. I usually feel a stronger connection to a brand when I can visualize their staff speaking and interacting. Video also makes it easy for multitaskers to absorb information about the company while writing or performing another task. Just make sure at the end of each video that you provide some sort of call to action and include your pertinent contact information.
  3. Copy: Some people absorb the most information through the good-old written word. Writing effective copy that speaks to your audience and fills a need they have is one of the best ways to illustrate your brand image and invoke an emotional connection between your brand and your target market.In addition to projecting your brand message, copy also works to determine your website and blog ranking. Optimized copy that effectively utilizes keywords throughout will be much more likely to rank higher in search engines and increase your chances of being found online.
  4. Images: Similar to audio, images have the ability to invoke a particular emotion within site visitors and take them through a memorable experience. Someone who can visualize what your company stands for might be more willing to purchase from you than if you just utilized web copy alone on your website.Images also have a role in website ranking since they can be optimized using Alt tags (keywords associated with your image).
  5. Social Media Icons: Some of your website visitors might prefer to interact with your brand or absorb information about your company in real time. Cater to these individuals by providing them with various ways to connect with your brand on social media. I suggest placing social media icons in an obvious location on each of your website pages and on your blog.

Author: Michelle Salater