A web based point-of-sale (POS) system also known as a cloud system is the newest way for stores of all sizes to effectively keep track of their inventory, employee statistics and sales numbers. Using a web based POS system means that necessary information is stored on a cloud server, giving businesses an extra layer of protection in the event that their computers go down.

shutterstock_74550724In its most basic form, a POS system consists of software, hardware and scanning equipment that store employees us to total customer purchases and enter customer payment information. The database included in the POS system allows the machine to know exactly what a given item is and how much it costs, simply by scanning the item’s barcode. Managers have the ability to update the database every day to reflect new items and changes in prices. They can also, at any time, monitor the store’s sales information, making it a valuable management tool. Most systems can also generate sales reports at the tap of a key. Systems that perform this action go far in helping a store with their record keeping.

Web based EPOS systems allow store managers to view sales figures, prices and inventory on their office computer, eliminating the need to use a cash register for this purpose. Restaurant employees can even use a mobile POS device to perform actions on the restaurant’s computers while serving patrons at their tables. Some mobile POS devices will even allow employees to swipe credit cards and print out receipts on the spot.

There are several advantages to using a Web based POS as opposed to a POS software program-

  • It eliminates the need for a business to purchase POS software that can be rather expensive.
  • Makes it easier to fix any problems with the system, because a technician can access the business’s account from a remote location and fix it right away.
  • Saves businesses the time and hassle of having to schedule a tech to come to the store.
  • Due to its Internet connection, a web based POS can be updated automatically for free. This means the POS system will always be up to date. When it becomes time to upgrade the POS program new work stations can easily be added if a business finds themselves needing more.
  • Businesses also have the option of adding temporary features to the POS system. This can be especially helpful for a business’s busy season.

Web based POS programs are gaining in popularity because they help stores run more efficiently and for less money than the old traditional POS software programs. As the business world becomes more competitive even the smallest stores are realising that web based POS is the ideal choice.