If outsourced video editing sounds like a new concept to you, then read on to find out why thousands of videos have been entrusted to our Candidio team. Maybe it’s a budget issue and Candidio comes in reasonable enough to get it done. Maybe it’s logistics and Candidio gets it done because people from around the world can easily provide video content. Maybe your company has six in-house editors, but they still have their limits and your video production just doesn’t seem to be a priority. Candidio is here to help get it done, simply and quickly.

Here are six reasons why you should outsource your video editing.

1. You want to produce more video but it’s not in the budget to hire someone or pay the big agency bill.

Outsource Video Editing CostMuhammad Yasin, Marketing Director for HCC Medical Insurance Services recently stated in an article by Ragan Communications, “Digital media is a critical part of our marketing portfolio. When we expanded into testing web video, having a vendor who had a lot of experience, and could guide us through the process, was important. Hiring a new employee just to test a concept was too risky and cost prohibitive.”

2. You want to produce more video but you’re the one who has to do all the work and you don’t have the skills or time to get them done.

“We chose to work with Candidio because I was overburdened with editing jobs, even though it was not my primary task in the company. So by outsourcing to Candidio I got my nights back,” says Jonathan Wichmann, Head of Social Media at Maersk Line. A lot of people think it’s cost-effective to just do the editing in-house but in Jonathan’s words, “At the price offered by Candidio it’s difficult to argue against them from a cost perspective.”

3. You want to produce more video but your current solution can’t keep up.

Produce a video for the web and what do you get? You get to start planning the next one, that’s what you get. Since working with Candidio, Wichmann says, “We see an increase in video overall production. More stories being told. Not just big corporate things, but people stories too. And that’s important, not least from a social media perspective.” The demand for fresh, relevant content online has never been higher and the age of producing one or two “evergreen” videos is over. Outsourcing your video editing lets you focus on producing more videos.

4. You want to produce more video but your current solution wants to make everything “perfect” and that gets in the way of posting content that’s “good enough.”

This is a hard lesson for video editors to learn – don’t let perfect be the enemy of good enough. The Candidio editing team has had the experience to know when to stop moving a video clip from one place to another… and then back again. Additionally, we’re faster at editing and we’re removed from the emotional attachment that some people feel to their footage when editing their own video. More reasons to just let someone else handle the video editing so you can move on.

5. You want to produce more video but it’s too difficult to organize all the people that would be providing the content.

Collecting video footage from multiple sources can be like herding cats. The Candidio video production platform has the infrastructure to simplify this. In 2012 we produced a single three minute video using over three hours of video content submitted from dozens of people in over thirty different countries. And it wasn’t like herding cats; it was just another day of editing video for us.

6. You want to produce more video and you simply need an ally, a shoulder to cry on, a friend to rely on… you get the point.

Video equipment, editing software, codecs, rendering, motion graphics – all the things involved with producing video can be overwhelming. I always like to point out that Candidio facilitates a relationship between a Producer and real human editors on our Candidio team here at 12 Stars. So, our Producers can communicate in about as many ways as you might expect to communicate with friendly people – through phone, email, Twitter, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Try out Candidio today! Have questions about it first? Ask them in the comments.