HubSpotLoveI realized (once again) yesterday, as I was reviewing some advanced lead analytics for a client, what valuable and powerful marketing automation tool HubSpot is. If you are new to HubSpot or are even considering HubSpot – here a few reasons I ‘heart’ HubSpot.

An Incredibly Robust All-in-One Marketing Tool – No software platform is perfect, but I know HubSpot is always looking to improve upon and provide the latest greatest marketing technology for it’s customers. Depending on your product plan, you have access to powerful blogging, lead nurturing, email marketing, and inbound marketing tools. HubSpot’s most advanced Enterprise Plan offers multichannel analytics, behavior-triggered communications, and advanced a/b landing page testing. The ability to integrate your CRM with the HubSpot API makes it easy to align marketing and sales efforts. I’m also extremely excited about HubSpot’s upcoming new email tools which will provide the analytics and list segmenting features that will justify moving all of our email marketing efforts over to the Hubspot platform. What more can a marketing girl like me ask for!

User-Friendly Content Management System – In addition to powerful marketing tools, the HubSpot content management system is one of my favorite platforms to work with. You can create beautiful websites with HubSpot’s CMS using custom designed templates. Using HubSpot’s built in CMS, clients can manage their website and marketing efforts from a single platform.

Support & Constant Innovation – In addition to becoming more powerful and more integrated than ever, HubSpot really listens to their users and acts on their feedback. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to submit a features wish-list only to learn those exact features were already being developed. HubSpot’s drive for continuous improvement and ability to listen to it’s users is the #1 reason I recommend HubSpot to clients. HubSpot will be around for a long to come and will continue to be a leader in marketing technology innovation. In the time I’ve had the privilege of working with them, HubSpot has never let me down.

At LyntonWeb, “impossible” is rarely in our vocabulary. With every new project, our developers hear the request: “we need to add this functionality, but it also needs to be easy for the client to update on their own.” I have been amazed at what our talented team of developers has been able to accomplish with custom HubSpot designs and integrations. If you’d like to learn how you can build your website on the HubSpot CMS, we’d love to help you. Just give us a shout!