As Hollywood awards itself, Piehead honors the best you did in 2010.

Entries are rolling in for the Piehead “Most Engaging Campaign of 2010” contest… Time to step up and flash the klieg light on your fave digital engagement campaign of 2010.  Whether its you, the agency across the hall or the brand across the country, stop in for a second and let the world know what eyeball grabbing consumer engaging campaign you dug the most.

So. just visit the Fan Faves tab of Piehead’s Facebook page to cast your vote:

  1. Upload an image of the campaign
  2. You and your peers vote (so get your friends to vote, too)
  3. Winner announced Monday, January 31, 2011
  4. The prize: A Social Engagement Analysis by Piehead and a 3-month subscription to Offerpop’s next-gen marketing platforms for Facebook and Twitter

Vote for anyone you like — including yourself!.  Share the link, share the love and let the world know about the best of 2010.  Vote for or submit a campaign here.