email archiveThe phrase ‘quick fix’ has developed a bit of a negative connotation. It’s a phrase that usually follows words like ‘only’ or ‘just’. If you tell people you have a quick fix solution, people don’t expect much. Quick fix has become another way of saying temporary.

In many cases this reputation is justified. Replacing the broken battery cover on your TV remote with scotch tape is never going to be a permanent measure, but it is quick. Borrowing to cover cash flow problems works in the short term, but it could get you into real trouble in the long term. That doesn’t mean that all quick fixes are bad ideas. Because what is email archiving, if it’s not a quick fix?

Email Archiving is a Quick Fix

Email archiving is certainly quick. Good email archiving solutions are plug and play devices. You install the device, which takes minutes, and then it starts to archive your email. The upkeep is somewhere between minimal and non-existent. For all intents and purposes, once you set up your email archive, your email is fixed.

It really is a fix too. Email archives retain your email in a secure, compliant manner. An email archive allows easy access to your email history, so it’s easy to comply with an eDiscovery or compliance request. Email archiving technology will massively reduce your data storage needs too. With your email retained, you can focus your physical storage on other documents and your IT budget on other hardware.

Email Archiving is a Long-Term Solution

What makes email archiving stand out from other quick fixes though, is the long-term benefits. An email archiving solution can last as long as you’re in business. Once you put an archive in place, you don’t need to think of another solution down the line.

Most quick fixes are short-term solutions that merely mask a problem, rather than fix it. What is email archiving? It’s a real long-term fix, that’s also quick.

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