Back in September 2009 we blogged about what your email address tells people about you.

Recently CNN had an article on the same subject, with some very amusing perspectives on email addresses, specifically who your email provider is. If your email address ends in:

  • You probably have the same e-mail address you had in 1997.
  • You also might be 70.
  • Fair or not, if you send an e-mail from an Aol account, the recipient is likely to expect it to be spam, a forward of some thoroughly debunked conspiracy theory or pictures of kittens.


  • Not much different than AOL.
  • Hotmail is another ISP that was huge in the Web’s earlier days but has lost cache among the technorati.
  • “It’s like a silly cat sweater,” she said, “Ironic on a hipster, awkward and anachronistic on a middle-aged housewife.”

  • We ended up with a hung jury on Yahoo mail.
  • Many folks in our incredibly nonscientific polling said they have Yahoo accounts, which they only use as an address to provide on sites they expect to flood them with spam.

  • A Gmail user “most likely knows their way around a computer” and “when the internet stops working, actually tries rebooting the router before calling a family member for help.”

[email protected]

  • Owning your own domain name pretty much puts you at the top of the e-savvy stack.
  • No one will think you’re a rube when they get your e-mail. They may, however, think you’re self-centered. And possibly a megalomaniac.
  • Not that you care.

Work/school email

  • If you insist on using your work e-mail for all your personal messages, then people may make two assumptions about you:
    • 1. You spend too much time at work.
    • 2. You want everyone to be impressed by your e-mail account.
  • And if you’re more than a few years out of school, dump the alma mater’s account. If you’re still using 20 years after graduation, you’ll just be the digital equivalent of the middle-aged guy still trying to squeeze on his letterman’s jacket.

What email do you use? Let us know … and tell us if these analyses are any more accurate than a horoscope.