Welcome to week four of our six-part blog series entitled “Best of A/B Testing.” Every week we will be showcasing a customer A/B test, along with testing results and learning.

This Tuesday, we are showcasing a silver ribbon award winning A/B test from MarketingProfs.

Which landing page headline & subhead version increased leads by 27.76%?

Test: Product-focused headline/subhead vs. benefit-driven headline/subhead
Traffic source: Banner advertising
Test Type(s): Copy

Hypothesis: A benefit-driven headline and subhead combination will drive more SmartTools sign-ups than product-focused copy.

Results: The benefit-driven copy drove nearly 28% more sign-ups for the SmartTools newsletter.

Learning: Benefits almost always outperform product-focused copy!

This test won a silver ribbon in WhichTestWon’s 2012 Online Testing Awards.

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