We recently held a massively popular webinar packed with techniques guaranteed to triple your AdWords click-through rates, and we got a lot of people asking for help with the next logical step: boosting conversions. Once you’ve earned the click and have a visitor on your site, how do you most effectively convince them to sign up for your offer or purchase your product? Raising CTR’s is great, but raising conversions is even better.

Our next free webinar (THIS THURSDAY, March 6) will teach you just that: amazing – yet perfectly achievable – strategies to increase your conversion rates by three times or more. In Unbelievable Discoveries to 3x Your Conversion Rates, we’re going to dive deep into tactics and features of the best converting campaigns in the market, with a replicable process to help you achieve the same.

We have hundreds of millions of ad spend at our disposal and have researched conversion rates extensively. And what I found amongst a vast array of conversion rates ranging all the way from zero to 99% blew me away.

Are You Really Optimizing for Conversions, or Just Going Through the Motions?

“But I’m already awesome at converting, Larry!”

Based on what we’ve seen across tens of thousands of campaigns, very few PPC marketers can say this. You’re probably doing alright. You might even be a little above average, and that’s great!

how to improve conversion rates

The thing is this: average conversion rates in PPC are actually not that awesome. Striving to be just a little bit better than not so good is like choosing the sirloin over the flank steak, while completely ignoring the filet mignon on the menu. You can do so much better.

Conventional landing page optimization and conversion rate optimization (CRO) says you need to try out different colors, fonts, images, layouts and copy to find the sweet spot for your audience. This is really basic, small fry stuff, though. This is where you’ll see 2%-5% improvements, which is nice, but certainly not a game changer.

In our analysis, we discovered that some companies are getting 2x, 3x, or even 6x the conversion rates of similar companies within their industries.  Basically, they’re outpacing their competitors in conversions by double digits. Now, are you really awesome at conversion rate optimization? Really, really awesome?

What the Top Marketers Are Doing with CRO That You’re Not

Here’s another thing that might surprise you about these incredibly effective, top converting marketers: they’re not necessarily the ones with the biggest spend and the most time on their hands. In fact, it’s easy to get sucked into the myth that unless you’re working on CRO full-time, you can’t possibly compete with the big guys.

increase conversion rate

That’s completely wrong and backwards. In fact, just a few hours spent wisely on smarter conversion rate optimization is far more effective than five or ten times longer spent on the kinds of basic, menial optimization tasks that will get you only moderate increases (and even then, only if you really keep on top of it).

Digging deeper into our research, we were able to identify common traits and tactics that will help you replicate the successes of these top-converting PPC campaigns.

In this webinar, I’ll share those 3 insane ways to get 3x improvement in conversion rates.

You’ll see just where your competitors are at and what you are up against, with conversion rate benchmarks across ten major industries. Believe me, the opportunity to surpass the rest of your field is massive.

Stop Wasting Your Time on the Same CRO Methods Everyone Else is Using: Learn How to Really Improve Your Conversion Rates

Average tactics and strategy will only ever earn you average results – if you’re listening to the same advice and optimizing the same way as everyone else, you have absolutely no edge on your competitors.

It’s time to stop going through the motions and get busy with informed, strategic conversion rate experiments that will send you to the top of the pack, into the realm of the highest converting companies in your industry.

It is possible; the best converting campaigns aren’t just getting lucky. They have employed a process that systematically uncovers and then capitalizes on conversion opportunities – a process you’re going to learn with me.

Are you ready? Join us this Thursday, March 6 at 1:00pm EST. Register now to secure your spot!

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