If you’re like most people, you happily cash your paycheck every two weeks and do not give a single solitary thought to where that check came from. In reality, there’s a lot that goes into getting your paycheck in an accurate and timely fashion. Of course, since payroll is a standard part of business operations, you don’t really hear people bragging much about their payroll processor.

Enter Paycor, the first company to put some personality into payroll processing. As proof that anything can be interesting with the right approach, Paycor has developed innovative advertising that is not only amusing, but clearly shows the potential pitfalls of choosing “normal” payroll services. As is the case with many successful businesses, Paycor has figured out that great things happen when you combine business and fun. This tactic resonates on multiple levels for a consumer, as it draws attention to the brand while generating curiosity and a connection to the average business owner and their payroll problems. In a time where, “viral videos,” are what companies are striving for, Paycor demonstrates how do it properly and with total ease.

Digital Advertising Done Right

Payroll is a multi-faceted service, one that isn’t limited to cutting checks every two weeks. But when a business excels at doing behind-the-scene tasks that most people might find boring, building a reputation takes some ingenuity. Enter Paycor’s clever use of humor in its video advertisements. Not everyone understands how to use humor in marketing, but this is one company that does.

Paycor capitalized on an existing business relationship with Second City – Chicago’s longstanding improve troupe that spawned many of Saturday Night Live’s top personalities – to make promotional videos. The videos show “payroll lovers” – people who can’t seem to get enough of the mundane tasks associated with payroll. The ads are entertaining, even to people who have no interest in payroll, record keeping or any of the many services Paycor offers.

The ads do a lot to promote Paycor as well as the payroll industry as a whole. People see these ads and realize that there is actually a company that facilitates their regular pay. This makes them not only appreciate their own payroll services, but also pulls them towards Paycor because this is the company that helped them to put it all together. Then, if someone has seen one of these videos and starts a small business or needs to recommend a payroll processor, he’ll likely recommend Paycor, based on the strength of those. Whether Paycor is recommended because of its payroll abilities or because of its funny ads is irrelevant. At the end of the day, when people think about payroll services, they think of Paycor.

The Bottom Line
Above all else, business is about the bottom line. If things run smoothly and the bills are paid on time, the business is successful. However, the brilliance of ads like Paycor’s is that they subconsciously get you to question whether your current payroll service is really working. If you have any of the problems like those seen in Paycor’s ads, maybe it’s time to start thinking about switching to a different processor. And, if you have to switch to a new processor, why not go to one that will get the job done and make you laugh at the same time?

Viral videos become viral simply by being original and genuine. By creating a commercial video, the vast majority of companies will over analyze and overwork their message. In the same sense, the video often has to adhere to a strict set of rules that coincide with the company’s beliefs and standards. And, as we all know, there are no rules online. As a result, most “viral” videos do the exact opposite and slip into obscurity.

By focusing more on the humor of the content and what the viewer wants, instead of the end goal (which for most people is an online conversion), Paycor succeeds in producing a video that meets both needs. The video is thus more for the audience instead of the company itself, which then garners more attention.

Online, whether it is through rich media like viral videos, email marketing campaigns, social media, or anything in between, the best way to connect with a potential audience is by showing that their interests come first. By becoming a utility for a potential consumer, a deeper relationship and brand loyalty is formed, which then promotes a conversion later down the road. Most companies fall into the trap of thinking that online campaigns can generate revenue and conversions immediately, but in all honesty it takes time to build up enough steam and validity to the online community. Paycor took the right approach with their online videos, which will eventually get enough attention to boost sales and traffic. Take a page from their book and do what is best for your company, by doing what is best for your audience and consumers.