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You wake up later than most, take your time getting ready for work, then sit down at your computer and begin pumping out content.

Some still consider the idea of a writing job ludicrous, but the likes of Charles Dickens, Norman Mailer, Tennessee Williams, Stephen King, and Anthony Burgess say otherwise. While it’s true that they faced challenges, they all still achieved a certain amount of success, recognition, and professional pleasure from doing it.

Literature aside, a lot of people who work online do not realize they could write for a living, too. Starting with writing articles, they can eventually move into professional content creation.

Content creators are currently in demand, but it’s a job that’s not for everyone and requires hard work. However if you are good at writing articles, you can explore a great new career path.

Jobs at Hand

A lot of professionals in online business come to find that writing is their talent. Acting as their own article writing and submission service, they produce articles for their firms and/or themselves. The question is, however, about how to take that skill to the next level. Thankfully, there are several options and many jobs available if writing is one’s forte.

Once you’ve gotten down proper grammar, content needs, and manual article submission, it’s worthwhile to find out who else needs articles. Good sources of trade publications to research include bookstores, international magazine racks, and libraries. Magazine article submission works a lot like manual article submission, as these publications both need specific content, have article submission guidelines, and will consider story ideas from writers. Doing work for both types of publications allows you broaden your publication repertoire, build a portfolio, and acquire references.

It’s true that magazine article submission will likely not make you rich and famous overnight. However, once you’ve gotten some articles published, you can begin to search out writer’s web sites to see what other content is in demand. Article writing and its formats are the stepping stones to doing copywriting, newsletter or editorial writing, and, if you’ve got the technical know-how, technical writing. With persistence and commitment, you can write for multiple formats simultaneously.

Freelance and Beyond

There are a lot of freelance writers out there, and therefore a lot of competition. That’s why you need to be serious about it if you’re to have any hope of success. If you have the desire to offer the top article submission service out there, do your homework and see what sort of content business need. If you have to take a certification course or two to get up-to-date on current article media or SEO terminology, do so. In the end, if you desire to live the life of the freelance writer, you’re best served taking it to the extreme.

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