Here are a few ways that can help you boost your sales with Facebook. If you want more sales, more lead traffic, more foot traffic and more leads; the pointers below are sure to help you!


#1 Engaging your users

The goal when posting to your page should be catching the attention of your followers & getting them to engage with your posts. Creating interest among your page viewers is after all the measure of success of your Facebook page. When you want to market your products you should first give interesting content to your page visitors. Remember that people don’t like to be sold to every waking minute of the day. You can include interesting posts, run contests or ask questions.

#2 If you have it, then flaunt it

If you have products and services that are worth showing off, then why not. The power of suggestion is very strong on Facebook — especially with images that ignite the senses & passions of people. This might just convert your page visitors to your customers and push them an extra bit to buy your product. Appeal to your fans senses by showing them high quality photos and videos.

#3 Get more likes

Getting more likes on your page is important to get the visibility on any social platform. Since numbers do matter, SellMojo has a like-gating feature that helps you increase your store likes each time a new visitor visits your page. It is also necessary to get the right likes from genuine fans!

#4 Run Contests

Contests are huge eye-catchers, especially if you are a small or local business. People love winning stuff and they love it all the more when they can win and redeem it locally and immediately. Since Facebook has updates its contest policies, running a contest has become all the more easier. Or you can simply put up a text update and your contest is set!

#5 Be Reachable

Make sure you are reachable in some ways to your users. It is important to keep all the
communication channels open so that they know they have a way to reach out to you or contact you. There are 2 ways to get in touch:
1. Facebook messages
2. Phone calls
And both these channels are really helpful to gauge what your potential customer is thinking.

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