We all know that the content writers are bringing their juice into social media nowadays, as people see Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms as ridiculously fresh, upbeat, and contemporary. Both are competing to be the best in content delivery, making these social networking sites an area for socialization and easier product exchange, a social‐slash‐business hub perfect for the growing online market.

Amongst the hustle brought about by too many content delivered in these sites, it is likely that the simple RSS is already forgotten, disabled and dead. But this is a wrong notion. As the RSS feeds are still coming on stronger than ever, and is still treated as one of the supreme in hot‐wiring the many thoughts of the general population brought together.

RSS Feed promotes dynamism to a “dormant” website, and gets you on the highway of web traffic, a trick that bloggers and entrepreneurs use in prodding the sides of the consumers that are basking online, thus promoting consumerism ‐ a two‐hit wonder if you may put it that way.

The RSS feed is on the lookout night and day for your latest published content, and hands it to your subscribers pronto. It can be via email, or through an RSS feed app that the consumer has installed; they can enjoy the perks of an RSS feed anytime. RSS is also a great way to create partnership with other content bloggers and entrepreneurs, maximizing both companies’ visibility between each others subscribers by posting their story in your own website and vice versa.

The online web is also a chain of possibilities; one share made by a subscriber could mean hyper‐sharing and trending. There are some opportunities you will really miss if you are sending your content in limitation, thus it would be wise to submit your write-ups in RSS directories. We go from being local, to globalization.

When you submit content via RSS, know what tool to use and where to find it (and if you’re willing to pay for it, do it, but it’s all worth it once you get popularity, a certified ease at your fingertips). We bet, FeedsAPI can give you heaps of help on this! :)

Getting your ideas off the ground will still need your dedication and effort as everything works with passion. RSS is a way to get you on the road, the easiest possible way.

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