According to Search Engine Land, if you haven’t already transitioned your website to being HTTPS-compliant by July 1, 2018—last Sunday!—your website is probably already being marked as not secure—though this might not take effect until 24 July, depending on when the next version of Chrome rolls out, according to Mickey Mellen of GreenMellen Media.

That’s right. Be sure to rush over to Squarespace, Wix, Total Choice, A2, and Bluehost and make sure they put you on the path to becoming HTTPS-compliant tout de suite!

If You Need a Bridge to HTTPS-Compliance Right Now

In the meantime, you might be able to get some relief by signing up for the free version of the Cloudflare CDN (these are step-by-step instructions, OK?)—they can take your non-HTTPS-compliant blog or website and wrap it in a flexible HTTPS shell.

While it’s probably a good idea to work towards being 100% natively HTTPS-compliant, CloudFlare will get you through the Google Chrome Summer Bloodbath of 2018. I know from experience because my silly little blog, RNNR, hosted on Total Choice Hosting, isn’t yet HTTPS-compliant and doesn’t own its own SSL certificate; however, it’s displaying on Chrome as secure.

Google Be Evil

Google’s kind of a dick. On one hand, their motto used to be “don’t be evil” (they just dropped it in May). They used to stand for content over budget. They used to try to offer an even playing field wherein the little guy with barely any technical skill could set up a little site and vaguely compete with the big guys, be it eCommerce- or content-driven. As of the last Sunday, July 1st, if you haven’t implemented HTTPS on your site, your site is probably going to be labeled as not secure.