Google is much more than the most popular and most widely used search engine. Beyond searching anything you want; you can also avail of a ton of tools and products offered by Google.

Whether you have been in digital marketing for years or are new in the industry, Google provides highly valuable resources for every business alike.

These tools are ideal for you to:

• Improve the performance of your website
• Increase your conversion rate
• Enhance your user experience
• Explore your target audience
• Manage your branding
• Learn about your prospects

Google has tons of tools and products to help your business’ growth and we have handpicked and elaborated on the 5 Google marketing tools that you need in your kit for 2020.

Here is the rundown:

1. Google Analytics

In this digitally revolutionized age, the significance of data cannot be stressed enough. Without organization and proper tracking of data, businesses go awry. Management and monitoring of data play the role of overriding factors in website optimization.

Whether you own a digital marketing website, a blog site or an e-commerce store, Google Analytics is a necessary tool for your site. The more you leverage from this tool, the better for your website gets.

Google Analytics is designed to track and report about the traffic to your website. You can easily set your goal and create conversion tracking to make the most of your analytics information. You can employ this information to enhance your site’s content, improve your user experience and for the optimization of your sales.

2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a rebranded name of Google Webmaster Tools. This tool is a must for all webmasters.

It allows you to keep track of indexing status, improve your site’s visibility and so much more.

Google Search Console is essential for Search Engine Optimization. This free tool updates you on the search performance of your website, which enables you to understand your target audience better. With Google tracking, you are able to view the organic search results along with your website’s performance statistics. This valuable information allows you to analyze how paid text ads and organic search results benefit you.

Learn how to manage owners, users, and associates in Google’s Search Console!

3. Google My Business

Google My Business is a highly valuable tool that enables businesses to manage their online presence. It allows you to make your business available on the Google search engine, Google Maps.
Ensure that the information you provide is up to date and correct. The users will access this information for reaching out to you.

This is particularly important for people who own a brick and mortar retail store. Most retail store owners forget to update their addresses and contact information, which can hinder people from reaching out to them.

Learn how to set up your site with Google My Business.

4. Google Alert

Google Alert keeps you updated on the related information about a particular topic. This tool keeps you notified about updates of your phrases and keywords.

Google Alert allows you to monitor your simple keywords, and for real-time notification, it sends you the mail directly in your inbox. Also, you can adjust the frequency of receiving those notifications.

5. Google Trend

With Google Trend, you can search for the latest trends around the world or narrow down your search to a specific region or country. This tool helps in identifying the current news and viral trends in your location.

Once you have identified the ongoing trend, you can integrate it on your promotion ideas, or use it in your next blog post.

In a nutshell, Google not only makes your business appear in the result pages; it helps you transform the ecosystem of your business and make you digitally present. But all these tools won’t render fruition until executed meticulously.

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