Personalization is quickly becoming a necessity for any brand looking to succeed in digital marketing. According to a recent survey conducted by IBM, 48 percent of consumers expect on-demand, personalized promotions while engaging with a brand online.

And while personalization in email has been a popular tool in many marketers’ bag for some time, personalizing social ads is a newer phenomenon.

To take your social ads to the next level, here are 7 tips for personalizing your next campaign:

  1. Gather data: You need to be collecting data about your audience, all the time. Leverage built-in social analytics as well as third-party platforms to discover their preferences, browsing behavior and more.
  1. Analyze data: Once you have a system in place to gather data about your audience, you must analyze it to transform it from raw data into social intelligence. Add context, group audience segments, and give this data meaning so that you can use it to inform your ads.
  1. Segment your audience: You can segment your audience across a number of factors, including their industry, position within the buyer’s journey, geographical location, which persona they fit and more. These segments can each be served a different ad set, in order to better personalize each segment’s experience with your brand.
  1. Create relevant content: With a firm understanding of your audience, you can now create content that speaks to them. Whether industry-specific or individual-specific, this content should be varied, engaging and should match up with your social intelligence and personas.
  1. Time it right: Sending a well-crafted, well-targeted advertising message at the wrong time will result in wasted effort and resources. Your audience will be more receptive at different times – whether this is seasonal, weekly or even daily in scope – so be sure to launch your ads when the time is right.
  1. Use the right platforms and channels: Not all social ads are created equal. Facebook ads and Twitter ads reach different audiences, and can produce very different results. Make sure that you are choosing the platforms and channels that your audience prefers, and that you are monitoring engagement to ensure that you are always serving ads on the right locations.
  1. Be quick: Fast iteration is key to a great personalized social ads program. Your audience will only give you a few seconds to leave an impression with them, so if your ads are underperforming, replace them with new content, better targeting or different placement quickly.

In order for ads to be relevant to a consumer, she needs to feel connected to them. She needs to feel that they are targeted directly to her needs, preferences and lifestyle. And to achieve this, marketers must rely on data-driven content creation while serving ads to the right audience, at the right time, on the right platforms.