Increasing website traffic in return for leads or user action is the ultimate goal of any digital marketing strategy. There are a number of ways this can be achieved but if you’re like me you probably have limited resources and want the most bang for your buck. Below are three tactics that will deliver increased website traffic for very little money and just requires some creativity:

Create Fresh Content:

Whether it’s news, blog posts, event notifications, case studies, webinars, or simple page updates it’s critical that your website stays fresh. Search engines ignore static websites because their job is to find new content or make note of things that change. If your content doesn’t change neither will your website traffic.

In addition, you need fresh content to give people a reason to come back to your website. The most visited websites, besides search engines, are social networks and news portals. Guess why? They always have new content and make a point of sharing it easy. In the information age the best digital marketers will be prolific publishers of valuable information.

Utilize Social Media:

If you’re creating new content that is valuable then harness the power of social media to distribute it. For instance, if you’ve just written a killer blog post then send a tweet with a link, post it to facebook, submit it to Digg or StumbleUpon, include it in your next email newsletter, post it to your LinkedIn profile and share it to your groups that you think might appreciate it.

Make sure you also integrate social sharing tools on your website that make it easy for people to disseminate information. Tools like, TweetMeme or SexyBookmarks are free and easy to implement. My website traffic doubles almost every time I post a new blog and distribute it. True story.

Build Inbound Links:

Good content will hopefully earn retweets, forwards, and “likes” but you cannot rely on your audience alone to spread the word and help create links back to your website. You must be proactive in your pursuit of building links back to your website. This can be achieved by commenting on other’s content or blogs to help establish your online presence. Don’t just comment to promote yourself, instead provide thoughtful feedback.

Pick a few blogs or sites that are popular and related to your industry and become an active member of it’s community. When leaving comments try provide a link back to your site or related content. The more places you have a presence and leave a comment online the better chances somebody has of following the trail back to your site.