When you are truly aligned with your brand, magic happens. Especially if you are building your visibility online as a personal brand.

Your brand is simply YOU (if you are the face of your business), it is not a complicated concept. When you feel aligned, your client attraction and marketing feels simple, natural and easy.

But at the start, you have to face a few demons.

The First Demon: Not Knowing or Managing Who You Are Attracting

I used to post stories and posts that resonated with a lot of people, but the truth was they were not the people I needed to attract to create steady cash flow.

Yes, they resonated with my stories, but those stories spoke about the struggle I had when I could not afford any sort of investment as my main priority was to keep the roof over my family’s head and some food on the table…

So naturally, I attracted amazing people, but those who were broke and struggling and definitely could not invest even in my $97 course.

Or I attracted people who could afford me but did not value my time or my expertise. Bad clients are what causes the most stress, but this is a topic for another article.

The bottom line is that you need to start defining who you want to attract and then find people who fit this definition and try to learn more about them. Get them to talk to you on Zoom calls, private messages, watch what they say in the comments on your posts, or other relevant posts. Get to know what they are about, what language they use, what drives them and what they do and do not tolerate. The more you get to know them, the easier it will be to tweak your stories to attract more of these “perfect” people.

The Second Demon: Not Focusing On One Thing At A Time

I started with the idea of coaching people and supporting them technically. Coaching means guiding, inspiring, helping them become fearless in how they show up online

But I did not focus on one objective at a time, so soon I started thinking that creating an online course could be an easier and faster way to make sales and spend less time serving clients.

I was wrong! The secret is that everything takes time and effort to establish. You need to focus on one goal at a time and do everything it takes to serve people within that objective.

If it is building your audience, then focus on producing amazing free content so they can enjoy getting to know you and trust your expertise.

If it is coaching, focus on serving as many people as you can. Barter your coaching for services or testimonials if you have nothing to start from, but do it from the heart and to give them the best value they can get. Do it without an agenda. This builds up your confidence and also show you your superpowers, so it strengthens your self-worth.

If it is online courses, focus on engaging with people in your audience, do free zoom parties, hang out with them in your group, build a big fuzz around your community and make a massive push on your email marketing.

Focus on validating your ideas, creating actionable strategies, on bringing faster results, nurture your connections to get referrals, to serve, not sell!

The Third Demon: Expecting Quick Results

Anything significant takes time. If you want to enjoy a piece of fruit, you must first put a seed in the ground and take good care of it before you get a privilege to harvest it. In fact, there will be a long time before you even see the first green shoot. Yet, you need to water and nurture the soil, trusting that the seed has given roots and is getting stronger and stronger, even when nothing is showing on the surface.

Sometimes it might be a few months, sometimes a year, sometimes five years… it all depends on “the fruit” you are expecting to harvest.

Be patient and realistic.

You know if you do your part every day consistently and from your heart, the results will come in their best time, and in their best form. Everything depends on how you play your part!

The Fourth Demon: Not Trusting Yourself.

When you spend time on really getting to know yourself and your own stories, you have a chance to treat yourself with love. This means accepting and embracing who you are.

This means accepting and embracing your strengths. This means accepting and embracing your flaws. Looking deep inside and seeing the true light within yourself. And then letting it shine, stronger and stronger, brighter and brighter, like a beacon calling those who are lost in the dark without you.

Everyone deals with negative voices inside telling us we are not good enough, trying to convince us that things are not working out and it may be a good time to give up. But what you need to remember that these voices are not real. It is just your comfort zone trying to protect you from anything new. And everything new is perceived dangerous by our brains. So those voices come from the place of love, but they are simply telling you lies.

Instead, take a few deep breaths and listen to your intuition, your soul. Your soul will always lead you to the light.

There may be more Demons, but if you get through this far, you will feel the joy and piece, watching it all coming together and shaping into what has always been your destiny.

Remember, success is not the outcome – success is a journey.

This article was originally published on Thrive Global