Michael Bay makes things go BOOM!
Seen here demonstrating Bays advanced law of digital marketing, probably.

You took the time to find out what it was and how it could benefit your business.

You started an AdWords account, created some campaigns, chose your keywords… now what?

Working in PPC, I’ve seen quite a few businesses make several of the same mistakes repeatedly.

Let’s take a few minutes to look at one of the most repeated in my experience, knowing your audience. How do you identify your audience and create the best ads to get their attention.

For this, let’s take a look at a man I feel is one of the most successful marketers on the planet, Mr. Michael Bay.

Popular opinion states that Bay’s films are typically shallow, devoid of cohesive plot and acting, and notable only for his well-documented propensity for combining huge set pieces with even huger explosions.

Also, Megan Fox.

Despite these criticisms, he is consistently handed some of the biggest budget checks in movie history. Why? Because Michael Bay knows his audience, that’s why. People love explosions and spectacular stunts.

Say what you will, but even if you’re not a big fan, you’ve probably handed $15-20 over at least once to see one of his films. You may even have enjoyed watching two hours of things exploding courtesy of that guy up there.

Now, films are considered more highbrow if they exhibit creative and dramatic plots. To this end, notice the marketing ramp ups for nearly any Michael Bay film.

There are months of teasers before the films’ release that may tease a deep, sci-fi plot (Transformers 3 for example). Or we’re shown clips of an adrenaline-fueled police thriller (Bad Boys anyone?) etc.

No matter the genre of film, the trailer eventually cuts loose with the promise of stuff exploding, and despite how discerning a viewer we all swear we are, we’re like fish to the bait of the boom.

This same approach is relevant no matter what your product, or how you market it. Whether you’re using television, billboards, or as in my case, paid search, you’re turning the uphill battle for conversions into a mountain climb if your potential leads can’t relate to your brand.

In Bay’s case, he gives us the eye candy we often want from entertainment. In a paid search campaign, it’s all about ad quality.

Two aspects of quality often overlooked are relevance and relatability, one of which my dictionary tells me isn’t a real word. A word not appearing in Webster’s wouldn’t stop Michael Bay, and it’s not going to stop me, either.

Bumblebee the Autobot
Bumblebee’s got your ad relatability right here, pal.

Suppose I’m running a campaign selling cars. My newest model is a compact, fuel-efficient, inexpensive crossover called the 2014 Undeclared. It’s a quality vehicle, but it’s not a luxury sedan.

Who purchases luxury sedans? Typically, 35+ year-old’s who have established themselves and are more secure financially than say, college students.

For the Undeclared, we’re going after college students, grads, and just 20 somethings in general who want a new, yet inexpensive quality car.

To that end, unlike luxury sedans, it’s a good idea to base your ads around the vehicle’s low price point. Don’t just make a product you think people want, tell them why they want it and why they should click to find out how to get it in 95 characters or less.

Remember, most consumers (myself included) don’t care from where or from whom we get what we need.

We just want those products and services to be as convenient as possible to obtain, and affordable enough to make the ROI visible before the ink on the check dries.

Your business is likely not the only one of its type, (unless you’ve just invented an entirely new industry, you genius you) so there will be competitors.

Would you really be comfortable losing potential leads to a competitor selling the same products or services simply because you didn’t speak the consumer’s language?

Michael Bay wouldn’t. Don’t let the statement “Michael Bay is better than you” be true. Put some thought into your audience, and what your ads say to them.

Of course, there is much more to running a successful campaign than just your ad copy or choice of images, but you will never get a great Click-Through Rate unless you know how to push your audience’s buttons.

Do you know of a better self marketer than Michael Bay?

We’d like to hear your feedback in the comments below.

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