The Links of Great Success in Online BusinessThe experts have said and still profess that the Internet is linking us all together, all around the world. And for the most part, it’s fairly true. People who work abroad or have friends from international traveling don’t have to worry anymore about sending slow-moving mail or sending out important telegrams that may or may not make it to their destinations. Now you can just send material over the wires and get it where it needs to go lickety-split.

In online business, creating similar links is equally important. As part of established search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, interlinking and link building have become methods for creating communication between businesses, clients and the world at large. It’s an almost recreational activity to build links on the World Wide Web for the creation of serious business potential.

But you must approach the practice of link building for online business with some discretion—and maybe even some education on your part. If you are going to embark on doing link building for business development, it helps to have a few tips and tools to guide you along a bit.

First off, you have to understand how links are incorporated into online content. You’ve probably got web page upon web page of written content to be published online, be it a promotion, online newsletter or just a simple web site landing page. These pages of content are the first steps in incorporating links into your online business, as you will have to work with Meta tags. If you aren’t familiar with them, Meta tags are the online-publishing tags you put in and around content that you want to publish online. They are those <np> and <hd1> tags you see in HMTL, SGML, XML, and other web-site mark-ups to denote headings, new paragraphs, etc. No doubt you are going to want to embed links into your content, so it’s important that you get the correct Meta tags for whatever mark-up you are using (i.e., in HTML, the Meta tag for links is <a href=“…”>, where the web link goes between the quotation marks. Also, if the links fail or go dead, you may have to go into the mark-ups and fix the Meta tags yourself. Even if you are not computer literate or you have an online publisher in house, it’s good to familiarize yourself with Meta tags to understand the basics of how links work online.

Understanding link building is the next part of using links in online business. Since links are an SEO technique and are used as a way to drive traffic to your web site, there are some rules that apply here. You can’t put links anywhere, as you might create some sort of spam delivery of your Web material to other people’s e-mails. Certain article-submission sites do not allow you to put certain links on them. Sharing links between businesses is not a given, and you may have to consult prospective partners about whether and where you can put your links. Since SEO is a way for business web sites to get to the top of popular searches, there are only so many ways you can go about linking without choking yourself online. You have to have some idea of where interlinking can occur and abide by the rules of SEO in order to maintain a strong position online. Again, get some materials on SEO and links to at least familiarize yourself with these principles.

Once you’ve got a linking process going, monitor it. There are analytics programs and daily maintenance programs you can adopt for your business to see how well your links are working to bring in business. Links are great to have, but they aren’t something you can create once and just leave. You have to check up on them as well.

Yes, we are all connected these days, even if we don’t wish to be. In online business, though, links and linking are crucial to gaining and sustaining business achievements. A little understanding of interlinking, SEO, SEO techniques and link building will really help you connect yourself to the clients you need.

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