With less than three shopping days to go until Christmas, retailers are starting to notice an increase in shoppers coming from either Facebook based catalog sites or deals promoted within Facebook branded pages.

Social shoppers have already become savvy on fan only, exclusive discounts.  According to a recent comScore consumers have already spent $30.9 billion in online purchases so far, this holiday season.

Without a doubt the contributing factors in the rise of online buying are convenience, 24/7 accessibility, less time consuming at the point of purchase, no queuing for the best deals and in most cases, free shipping.

Well known stores such as J C Penney, Kohls and Macys have all utilized their Facebook presence to increase their online sales this year.

In our opinion this is just the start of brands beginning to really benefit from their of use social media around holiday times in order to heighten their brand visibility.   As we’ve said before there are three crucial elements. Those elements are engagement, interaction and a captivating offer.  The true formula behind successful social commerce.