Just when you thought your inbox couldn’t handle another daily deal, Google announces Google Offers. Here’s what you need to know.

  • The beta version of Google Offers launched this week in Portland, OR.
  • People in NYC, Oakland and San Francisco can also sign up.
  • Businesses interested in testing out Google Offers can sign up here

So why the heck does Google need to join the daily deal masses? Well, Google supposedly tried to buy Groupon but was turned down in December. They also, clearly, have

  • The largest number of users
  • Name recognition
  • Pre-signed in Google members

What we don’t know right now is how Google Offers will vary from any of the other daily deal alternatives. A video(a study in attempted hipster quirkiness) hyping the product is reminiscent of an early 90s Nickelodeon ad. It keeps the reality of Google Offers pretty vague. At this stage we’ll reserve judgement and wait to see what our good friends in Portland think.