Landing pages are an essential part of almost all lead generation strategies in the B2B market. When crafted correctly, landing pages have the ability to generate a large number of highly qualified leads for your business. Sadly, many landing pages aren’t optimized to their full potential, resulting in high bounce rates and lost leads.

There have been dozens of post dedicated to making your landing pages successful and how to avoid common landing page mistakes. Pardot has assembled these posts and other resources into a comprehensive infographic to help you create a landing page that will take your lead generation to the next level. Take a look:


For more on landing pages, check out Pardot’s Best Practices Guide to Landing Pages or 8 Quick Steps to Double Your B2B Conversions (registration required).

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<p>The Complete Guide to Successful Landing Pages – An infographic by the team at <a href=””>Pardot Marketing Automation</a></p>

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