Remarketing is an incredibly powerful tool to add to your sales funnel. A single campaign can lead to an increase in conversion rate by up to 161%. But the best results don’t come from just any remarketing ads—they come from off-the-charts impressive remarketing ad campaigns.

remarketing ads example West Elm banner ad

In this guide, we’ve rounded up nice of the best remarketing ads on the internet. For each ad, we break down what makes it so effective—-so that you can get started creating your own ideal remarketing ad campaigns.

Let’s get started.

1. Grammarly’s ever-present remarketing ads

Grammarly doesn’t just rely on a single channel, medium, or placement for their remarketing campaign.

The company runs killer text ads.

remarketing ads Grammarly example

As well as simple banner ads.

remarketing ads Grammarly banner example

And, last but not least, a ton of unique, engage YouTube ads.

remarketing ad Grammarly YouTube ad example

This ad highlights some of Grammarly’s more advanced features in a professional setting.

YouTube ad in professional setting

In this YouTube ad, Grammarly features a lot of different use-cases to make sure that the potential customer can find themselves and relate it to their own lives.

Grammarly remarketing ad on YouTube with common grammar errors

That three so far—and we know for sure that these aren’t all, as our creative team has seen at least three more unique patterns.

Grammarly is not modest when it comes to remarketing. They understand the value of an interested prospect and will find you wherever you go on the web.

So how can you use this technique in your own remarketing campaigns?

Integrate multiple channels

Grammarly have an integrated remarketing approach across multiple channels. And integrated multi-channel campaigns are twice as effective as siloed or single-channel campaigns. To learn how you can do this in own remarketing campaigns, read our post on cross-channel marketing with Google and Facebook ads.

Use video to showcase your offering

But it’s not just the campaign structure. The ads themselves have something to teach even the most seasoned digital marketer.

Grammarly’s video ads do a great job of showcasing their product and what it can do. The team knows that the explainer video format works great, and that product videos can improve conversion rates significantly.

These YouTube remarketing ads even go in-depth on multiple ideal buyer personas, showing them as characters in each video. They include professionals and academics in a variety of settings. This helps neutralize the common objection that grammar tools are “just for writers.”

2. Tableau’s ever-changing remarketing ads

As a marketer, you’ve probably also seen some of these ads before. Tableau is almost as stubborn as Grammarly when it comes to letting prospects slip away.

Below are just three of the banner ads you will see for days and weeks if you visit the Tableau website.

Tableau remarketing ads example one

Tableau remarketing ads example two

Tableau remarketing ads example three

The company knows the target market and design these ads with busy professionals in mind. There is no fluff—these ads go straight to the point and offer value.

What’s unusual for a B2B campaign, however, is that they don’t fall in the trap of running the same ads. Here’s how you can use a similar strategy.

Showcase different selling arguments

Since it’s not an in-person conversation, you don’t know which of your selling arguments will work on which prospect. So limiting yourself to a single USP in your remarketing can be a mistake.

Since you have the opportunity to create as many interactions as you want (within reason), remarketing is a place you can tell the whole story of your product.

Create different ads to minimize ad fatigue

Remarketing might fatigue at half the rate of regular display ads, but these ads still get old. To counteract this, don’t just create one or two ads and call it quits. You also won’t be able to design the best advertisement for your product if you stop at one.

3.’s laser-targeted, action-driving ads

Have you ever window-shopped on only to be hit with an ad like this a few weeks later? banner remarketing ads

Image source

These ads are the bread and butter of’s remarketing strategy. (Confession: I have converted on several of them before.)

In one tiny banner ad, they include personalization (you viewed the hotel previously), a perceived discount, a CTA, a guarantee, and an element of urgency.

Start using dynamic remarketing

79% of consumers say they will only interact with offers that reflect their previous interactions with a business.

Implementing this at scale for ecommerce businesses typically means relying on dynamic remarketing. With dynamic remarketing, you register all your products and product pages with the advertising network, for example, Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

Google or Facebook will then do their best to only show ads for the actual products the user visited. Sierra Trading Post increased conversions by 400% when they switched to dynamic remarketing.

Want more? Check out our in-depth guide on using Google dynamic remarketing ads.

4. KLM’s remarketing ads targeting existing customers

KML remarketing ads banner

(Since the ad is dynamic, the price is listed in JPY as I was browsing the internet in Tokyo while collecting remarketing ads for this post.)

If you purchase a product or service, usually that will be the last you see of an advertisement. With KLM, it is only the beginning. After buying flight tickets, I keep routinely seeing ads for KLM that reflect my search interests.

Sell to existing customers

It is between five to 25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to sell to an old one.

KLM understands this and targets previous customers with dynamic ads that highlight locations they have previously expressed interest in. If you are selling consumer products with a natural lifecycle, it’s even more of a no-brainer.

If you have a converter/customer audience set up in Google Ads already, make sure you extend the duration (or create a new audience). The maximum duration is 540 days.

Google Ads targeting existing customers

5. New Chic’s bold remarketing ad

New Chic remarketing ad

As an ecommerce-first company, New Chic understands that sometimes the price was the only reason a potential customer didn’t buy.

Get enough real estate to showcase your product

Look at the size of this banner ad. It’s only able to showcase the hand-stitched elements on the shoe because it is so big. This particular ad was dynamic, and it was around 425×800 pixels.

For physical products, using dynamic and large-format ads and uploading high-quality pictures is essential. To get the best ads for your products, make sure you’re familiar with Google’s list of display ad specifications before you start commissioning ads.

Drop the price

Sometimes, the only reason that stopped a prospect from buying was the price. Significantly dropping the price tag can be one of the most powerful tools for ecommerce businesses. But that doesn’t mean you have to or should rely on sales to move products.

6. Intercontinental Hotel Group’s casual remarketing ads

IHG remarketing ad

Like KLM, IHG understands the value of marketing to previous customers. They also focus on the urgency factor to try to get the customer to act ASAP.

Urgency, when applied to marketing emails, lead to a 100% increase in transaction ratio. But that’s not the only thing you can use in your own ads.

Show how your offering can impact your audience’s lives

Notice how, even though it’s a hotel company, there’s no hotel room, pool, or king-size bed in the ad? The marketers behind this ad know two things:

If possible, show a person who is living a whole new lifestyle because of your product. Show someone athletic running in your running shoes, not just a pair of sneakers.

7. HubSpot’s engaging remarketing ads

HubSpot remarketing ad

HubSpot, the CRM and marketing automation giant, has a creative approach to remarketing. Sometimes they will show an ad that’s mostly a fun case study in great marketing.

Not every remarketing campaign has to force a sale, coupon, or product down the throat of potential customers.

Build that relationship

Customers interact with three to five pieces of content before purchasing on average. If you’re selling an expensive product or your target customers are businesses, you might need a lot more interaction than average to make a sale. At this point, relationship building becomes more important than static remarketing of the same offer again and again.

Find ways to give value to your prospects, again and again. They will organically find their way to your sales page.

Note, however, that to efficiently do this, you should master Facebook’s custom audiences.

8. Amazon’s exceptional remarketing emails

Amazon is the king of remarketing and upselling over email.

Amazon remarketing ads email

If you view a product without purchasing, Amazon will send you an email with deals on related products immediately.

Amazon related deals remarketing email

When you interact with categories or deals, Amazon immediately sends you personalized recommendations.

Amazon remarkerting ads email

What other company sends a follow-up email after you indicate you have read a book to recommend further purchases?

Remember to remarket via email

By relying on emails, Amazon avoids ad platform fees (Google Display Network clicks cost $0.63 per click on average, whereas with an email autoresponder, you could be paying less than a cent per interaction).

You can use an email automation platform, like MailChimp, to send remarketing emails. Try Amazon’s method of sending related products, or use a strategy from another remarketing ad on this list and offer a price drop.

Go create the next best remarketing ad!

From video ads on Youtube to social ads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and banner ads across 4 million sites in the Google Display Network, there is nearly unlimited reach at your fingertips.

But your marketing campaigns won’t be able to turn a profit by just showing ads to random people on the internet. Instead, use these channels, their reach, and advanced targeting options to show relevant product ads to prospective and existing customers. You can also further deepen the relationship you have with prospects with useful information, guides, and white papers.

We hope that you were able to learn something from these examples and that you will use it to create a killer remarketing campaign!