Post-click marketing is the strategy you use to meet or exceed the expectations of your best prospects as they enter your online marketing funnel.

If your job requires you to produce and optimize landing pages, manage search engine marketing initiatives, conduct online testing, generate leads or demand, or engage in content marketing, you’re already heavily involved in post-click marketing whether you know it or not.

People are clicking on your ads and you’re dropping them into a (hopefully) conversion-focused page. Whether that page is your home page, a dedicated landing page, or an online form, you’re setting up a post-click experience with the intent to turn the visitor into a lead or a sale.

However, a focus on conversion shouldn’t be the only component to your post-click strategy. 

Here are 15 building blocks for a high-ROI post-click marketing strategy:

  1. User-Centered. You think about the user experience first and foremost. You think about ‘people’ not data.
  2. Fluid. You have continuity and connection from click through conversion.
  3. Relevant. Where people land when they click is contextually relevant.
  4. Conversion focused. Your landing experiences use conversion best practices. You always consider the final, desired action.
  5. Segmented. Visitors are segmented based on campaign, traffic source, role, need, motive, and more. This information is used to optimize the experience and the follow up.
  6. Targeted. You take advantage of opportunities to provide a highly targeted experience.
  7. Measured. You track key metrics that illuminate opportunities to improve results.
  8. Tested & Optimized. You use real-time A/B or multivariate testing to determine what works and what doesn’t. You optimize campaigns based on your test outcomes.
  9. Analyzed. You look at top-line metrics to scan the horizon. You dig deeper to uncover conversion influences and opportunities.
  10. Transparent. Your metrics, results and data is shareable at any time. You can clearly see every point in the pre-click, post-click and post-conversion process.
  11. Integrated. Your post-click flows seamlessly into your post-conversion.
  12. Agile. You run your post-click program without friction and hurdles. You post-click program is responsive and marketer-managed.
  13. Bold. You think big and have the confidence in your program to step outside the box.
  14. Branded. You capitalize on every visitor interaction to ensure a fantastic brand experience.
  15. Prioritized. You know post-click isn’t ‘set it and forget it.’ You incorporate post-click marketing into your plans and take a holistic approach to management. 

Are you consciously managing your post-click strategy? If not, are you still making sure to take these 15 items into consideration? Leave a comment below and let us know!