Welcome to the latest edition of our new weekly blog series, What to Test. Each week, we will introduce a new test idea. We’ll explain why it’s important to test it, what you might learn, how to carry out the test, and what to measure in order to determine a winner.

The Test = Button Color


Testing the color of your buttons, whether they be on your homepage, in your ads, on your forms and landing pages, or in emails, can have a positive affect on the number of people who click them. And when you have a button, the goal is for people to click it.

Take the number of people who view the button, and divide that into the number of people who actually click. We’ll call this the button conversion rate, or click-thru rate. And our goal in testing the button’s color is to increase this figure.


Start with your button as it is today. We will call this version the “control”. Then think about other colors that might attract attention. These could be colors that fit the overall design of the page or email, but they could also be contrasting colors that stand out and grab the viewer’s attention.

Take a look at other popular sites, and the website’s of your competitors. What color buttons are they using?

Narrow down your list to 2 or 3. You never want to have too many versions, because it will take longer to find an answer. I recommend including at least one hot color, like red or orange, and one cool color, like green or blue. (Orange is the “best practice” color in landing page submission forms)

Now create the test using a tool like Optimizely. The thing you want to measure is clicks on the button, or visits to the page that the button brings you to. Either one should give you the numbers you need to find a winning color. Then sit back and watch the results come in!

Anything to add? As always, use the comments below or Twitter #whattotest to keep the conversation going!