prepare your website to get results

Business’ websites have evolved beyond marketing afterthoughts. They have become your business’ storefront, its receptionist, its customer service department and its sales team. When it comes to the perception you relay to customers about your business, consider tapping a professional web development and marketing team to make sure your site says it right, from the get-go.

why your website matters

Your website is almost always the first and sometimes the only part of your business that customers see. Unless you are already privy to a highly skilled web marketing team, taking the solo approach to web design will most likely result in either a demanding and stressful workload for your existing IT gurus or an end product that is difficult to find on search engines and looks unprofessional, unoriginal or unreliable.

where one-man web shops fall short

Any good website must encourage page visits and customer interactions through:

1.    Optimized visibility

2.    Simplified navigation

3.    Thoughtfully designed visual elements that contribute to overall brand stability

4.    Up-to-date, correct content

To create a website that meets, if not exceeds, these standards a web design team would need a thorough understanding of:

1.    SEO keyword creation strategy and technical programming integration

2.    Webpage usability and navigation enhancement strategies and tests

3.    Web-based graphic design knowledge

4.    A careful, patient eye for content proof-checking, grounded by an marketing-oriented background

That’s a lot of skills to demand of just a one or two person IT team, and those are just the basics. The list grows longer if you plan for your website to run deeper than a few pages or tie into an accompanying mobile site, a near necessity in our digitized, on-the-go consumer society.

partner up for success

By working with a web-marketing partner, you free up the employees within your business to concentrate upon the full scope of their own job responsibilities, pausing only when necessary to make content updates to your new, organized, optimized web presence. Once your business has a correctly designed and constructed website set in place even major feature alterations and additions become easier and more cost effective to integrate. Most web marketers are only too happy to build upon an organization’s web framework when they know it has been correctly constructed from the ground up, unrestricted by the technical red tape of “go-to” proprietary content management systems (CMS).

Don’t put your business’ reputation at risk. Make the investment in your venture’s future and entrust your website’s creation to a skilled web-marketing partner to ensure that its content, design, SEO and navigation professionally and effectively communicate your purpose.