It’s no secret that there is huge growth opportunity in mobile and tablet targeting. But how do you go about conducting tests? It seems that some of the legwork has already been done for you–this study, published on Search Engine Land, examines the correlation between tablet screen size and click through rate. Not surprisingly, the iPad leads the pack highest rate of web usage. The average CTR of display ads targeted to iPad is 1.02%, which sounds pretty good. However, smaller screens do have higher CTR, but less web usage. Smaller tablets (8″ and 8.9″) have higher CTR but lower web usage. Since iPad users are using their devices more frequently to browse the web, it makes since that the CTR is slightly lower. And since iPad is 61% of the tablet market, it’s probably best to target these particular users whenever a publisher allows.

It’s important to take screen size and specific devices in mind when targeting for tablets. How will you ad look on a 9.7″ screen as opposed to an 8″ screen?