Did you know 29 billion calls will be made from display ads in 2017? Smartphones have fundamentally changed how consumers convert on display ads. Now, instead of filling out web forms, they call. Your display ads, from the targeting to the ad copy, need to set consumers up to understand what they need to do to take action.

This video teaches you how to optimize your display ads to drive calls by using data to build and target new audiences.


You have all of this customer data, all of your first-party data. You want to make sure you’re integrating the data you already have, the customer insights, into driving new audiences… into driving lookalike models. We have all probably used email addresses to find lookalike audiences in our display targeting.

But what about your call data? There’s so much insight in a conversation. There’s keyword spotting, you know location, you know the channels they’ve already interacted with. Using that call data to build lookalike audiences is a great way to hone in your mobile display targeting and find the right audience that you’re maximizing your display budget for.

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And then using more data for contextual and PMP targeting. PMP is private marketplace. Here you can utilize your top converting keywords in search. Join forces with your search counterpart and find the non-branded keywords driving conversions. And the display team can then take that data and find contextual insights throughout the internet to target and serve display ads.

And same thing with using conversation insights from your phone calls. Using keyword spotting and understanding what products specific customers are looking for will help fuel your display strategy in both audience targeting as well as what creative you decide to serve.

Audience exclusions. This seems like a basic tactic and maybe an “Oh, of course!” But I urge you to not waste your impressions. We all have a limited display budget, it’s not infinite, and most of us are paying a CPM. Make sure you’re using those impressions to target the customers in your acquisition campaign.

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And if you’re going to run a separate loyalty or re-engagement campaign, break everything out that you can then measure separately. By excluding customers who have converted either online or possibly they converted over the phone, make sure you are excluding them from your acquisition focus because it will really keep your budget tight in terms of driving new customers.