email managementEvery year, market research group The Radicati Group produces a report on email statistics. This report contains information on worldwide email usage and trends. The stats produced each year demonstrate just how integral email has become for businesses. They also provide a compelling argument in favor of finding the right email archive solution.

Let’s have a look at the key figures and what they could mean for business and the necessity for email archive solutions.

Email Volumes Worldwide are Still Increasing

The sheer level of email usage worldwide is huge. The most recent Radicati report states that there are 850 million corporate email accounts worldwide. This figure is increasing year over year. With such a huge number of email users, it will be vital for all businesses worldwide to seek an email archive solution to avoid overloading their email servers.

To highlight that need for email archive solutions in more detail, the average number of emails sent or received, per user, per day, is 110. This generates an expected average storage need, per user, per day, of nearly 30MB. For a small company of, say, 10 employees that’s 300MB per day, or 1.5GB per week. This can create a huge strain on the data resources of a small business. However, with the right email archive solution, this issue can be avoided.

With the amount of email traffic that each business encounters on a daily basis expected to rise, most will find it challenging to manage the data volumes involved. With the right email archive solution, these businesses can avoid the ongoing headache of trying to manage those volumes on email servers.

These results, and general trends in email usage, show one clear fact. A good email archive solution will save businesses time, storage space and money.

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