Spice Girls

Marketers of the world, spice up your site, every page and every link, spice up your site!

Who doesn’t love the Spice Girls? I mean, what other band could pull off micro minis, platform sneakers and head-to-toe leopard AND pump out record-breaking poppy girl power anthems?

Come on, you know you love them. Even better than their (at times questionable, but always entertaining) fashion sense was their attitude. They always had fun, and they wanted to give their fans the best experience possible.

Marketers should have the same attitude. Instead of getting frustrated about all the day-to-day annoyances you have to deal with or worrying about what your competition is doing, focus on the bigger picture: creating a kickass experience for visitors.

Spice Girls GIF

(Sorry, had to include it – they’re just so fabulous.)

You’ve Got To Tell Them What You Want (What You Really, Really Want)

Arguably their biggest hit, “Wannabe” gets straight to the point: if you want to be in this relationship, you have to do this, this and this.

Your CTAs should be just as direct. Don’t give your visitors vague instructions – tell them what you want them to do, in no uncertain terms. “Get My Free Copy” and “Tell Me More” are both great examples of the types of CTAs that will appeal to web visitors. Just make sure to optimize them to get the maximum effect.

Give Yourself a Goal

The Spice Girls started with the idea that they wanted to challenge the traditional boy bands that were dominating the pop genre at the time. After a bit of a slow start, Scary, Posh, Baby, Sporty and Ginger Spice set world records with their first single, “Wannabe.”

Today, they are the best selling female band of all time, and their first U.S. single debuted higher on the charts than the Beatles’ first single. The Spice Girls were so popular, in fact, that even after the band had been inactive for years, tickets for the London show of their comeback concert in 2007 sold out in less than 40 seconds. Talk about Girl Power.

The message is obvious: give yourself something to achieve, and make it clear to your web visitors. The girls told everyone, this is what we’re about, and this is what we want to do in pop music. You can do the same thing. On your About page, include a culture statement describing your work ethic and your goals. Tell prospective clients what you’re about and what you want to do in your industry. You should have no problem finding the right clients.

Stick to Your Branding

Whether you were a die-hard Sporty Spice fan or were all about Posh, everyone had their favorite Spice Girl. This is because they each had distinct personalities. Instead of describing yourself as a generic company, identify what makes you unique and make that the base of your branding.

It’s also a good idea to let your prospects know who they’ll be doing business with. Include employee photos and bios on your site as a way to build familiarity and create a unique environment.

If you haven’t already, start looking through your site to identify areas that can use a little spice (rocking out to “Spice Up Your Life is optional, but totally recommended.)