In today’s rapidly expanding technology market, speed is something we have all come to expect from our devices. If a website doesn’t load in quickly we will soon move on to another. Not only that, we may lose trust in that brand & avoid going back again.

Despite the fact that broadband speeds are constantly improving, increased use of mobile devices to browse the internet has put more emphasis on a site’s loading speed. For example:

60% of mobile users expect sites to be as fast, or faster on a mobile as they are on desktops.

The guys over at Single Hop have put together this very useful infographic explaining what you can do to increase your site loading speed.

Site speed can be improved with plenty of simple, easy steps & the benefits can be profound, for example a 1 second improvement could result in a 7% increase in sales.

Site Speed Facts

How does site speed affect you? Would you leave a site if it took too long to load? Would you lose trust in that business? Let us know in the comments below.