Most people have jumped on-board with website analytics, understanding the importance it plays in identifying behavioural patterns of online visitors. Website analytics provides insights into the number of visits, duration of those visits, where those visits come from, and what they are viewing on your site. This information is essential to building a successful website with returning visitors.

There are many features included in website analytics, and here we list the top ones you should be focussing on.


Website analytics will help you see how many visits your website receives over any given time, how many of these are new visits, how many are returning and how long they are spending on your website. You can even go as far as to see where these visitors are coming from whether they are finding your site directly (typing your website’s name or url), finding you through search engines or through links on other sites. This information is priceless and will help you build your marketing initiatives and further develop your website to increase your stats.

Average Duration, Bounce & Exit Rate

The average duration is pretty self explanatory, it simply measures the time visitors spend on your website. From here the bounce and exit rate are worked out. The bounce rate is measured by how many visitors only visited the page they landed on then left your website. The higher the number the more people leaving your website without seeing any other webpages. A high bounce rate (anything over 50%) could reflect an unengaged audience. If this is the case you can look at ways of increasing this engagement through inbound links and a prominent call to action. The exit rate is similar to the bounce rate but measures the percentage of people who left your site from a particular page. Exists have viewed more than one page in a session.

The average duration, bounce rate and exit rate are ideal for identifying weak points on your website and seeing exactly where you are losing your visitors. If most exists happen on one particular page, it’s probably time to review the layout and information on that page.

There are many analytical tools available online with the most popular being Google Analytics. Use the insights from these tools to help you build a strong website with growing traffic.