canstockphoto6433880Here’s a typical email I get – “I know I should be Facebooking, Instagramming, Tweeting, tumbling, blogging, podcasting, and can you explain Snapchat to me? I need a system!”

Boy, you can feel the anxiety emanating from this SOS message can’t you?

It’s no wonder she’s anxious, someone told her or she decided that she needed to use every conceivable online marketing channel to market her business and now she’s confused and overwhelmed.

Of course she is.

You may find what I’m about to say unpleasant or controversial after all, you don’t want to be left behind.

But here’s the truth.

Smart marketing isn’t about FB’ing, podcasting, public speaking, Tweeting, Instagramming, Snapchatting, YouTubing… al.

It’s about creating a goal and a strategic way of reaching it by increasing your visibility in the places where your prospects hang out.

In other words, you need an online marketing strategy that will get you the results you need aka revenue.

If you were in one of my social media trainings, I’d recommend that you focus on ONE social media channel for 3-6 months before adding additional channels. That way you can build an engaged audience rather than automating postings across 5 platforms and wondering why you aren’t getting business.

Better yet, create a strategic way to bring a portion of those people back to your website and collect those emails – list building is still important.

If you do this right, you’ll increase your followers, you’ll raise your visibility, you’ll grow your list AND you’ll grow your revenue.

In other words, it takes a strategic approach rather than throwing spaghetti against the proverbial walls.

However, and this is also unpopular, it will take time. UNLESS, you’re willing to put financial resources to a sales funnel model. Then it can move a lot quicker but there’s a lot of technology and strategy that goes into creating a decent funnel.

If you’re not ready to implement an ad driven funnel, then you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way – get to know people.

Here’s How to Develop an Online Marketing Strategy

It’s the F.O.C.U.S. method – Follow One Course Until Successful.

Define Your Objective: “Get more clients” is a bit broad. Although, if you need to fill your pipeline, it can work. Social media is an excellent place to meet new potential clients/customers.

Choose Your Tool: Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. are good places if your target audience spends time there. Narrow it down though. Rather than only using your business page, join groups and provide useful insights on a regular basis.

Develop Content: Then, brainstorm a list of questions you’re usually asked about your service/product. Answer these questions in a series of blog posts or videos or both. This gives you something to link share on your business pages and makes you look credible when potential prospects visit your website.

By now, you’ve hopefully chosen one (max two) social media platforms for yourself. Once you’ve created your posts (chosen photos, created a video, written a status update) then you can either schedule them out using a scheduling tool like Hootsuite or you can keep them in an easy to access file and create a reminder for yourself so you don’t forget to post.

You can also hire a virtual assistant to schedule your posts for you. The point is to get your material out there. But that alone isn’t the secret.

The secret is participation.

Participate — Automating your posting and then not revisiting won’t do you much good. Think of it as old fashioned networking. Your goal isn’t to make sales, it’s to get to know other people and be valuable so they seek you out.

If you have the resources to develop lead magnets and embed them in your blog posts, then do that. It will only help you deliver the most relevant content to those who opt-in.

Otherwise, commit to posting x times per day and participating in x groups. Your marketing strategy may be as simple as posting a helpful tip three times a day in three different Facebook Groups. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Once you define your online marketing strategy, follow it for AT LEAST 60-90 days. It takes that long for you to start seeing results with a new diet or fitness routine. Why do you think it would be different when it comes to your marketing?