As an online business owner it is important that you keep developing and improving your marketing strategies. Don’t settle for one strategy that gives you good profit if you know you can come up with a better strategy that can generate better profits. That said, here are some simple yet effective online marketing strategies that you can implement and incorporate into your overall marketing strategy:

1. Incorporate a professional signature in your emails. If you can add a professional headshot in the signature, much better.  Headshots are especially important if you work in the HR or PR industry. People like to see the face behind the emails they receive, it’s more personal and it shows that you stand behind what you say.

2. Reach out to old clients. It is easier to make repeat business than look for new ones, so don’t forget to market your new products or service to past clients. You also don’t have to go through the effort of educating them about your brand or business because they already know you.

3. Recycle your marketing materials. As mentioned in this post, there are several ways on how you can re-purpose your blog post.

Re-purposing is not just limited to blog posts – you can also recycle or re-purpose blog topics and ideas. If you have an evergreen topic you have blogged about before, you can use it again on your video or as a new blog post with fresh, additional insights.

4. Check out the comments section of everything. Running out of blog ideas? Check out the comments section of popular blogs, niche forums or even social media – you’ll find they’re goldmine for new ideas to write.

5. Offer discounts and promos. Okay, you’ve just launched a new product and you know it is way better than what is currently on the market. But there’s one hitch, people are too comfortable using the existing one that you’re having a difficulty selling your new product to them.

The solution: Offer trial versions, free samples or discount coupons! Promos like these attract potential customers. And you know, once they try your products, they’ll realize it’s better than what they currently have, so you have higher chances of converting them into buying customers.