Sure, there are a number of free tactics and platforms where website owners can promote their site. But the question is, are these free opportunities enough to emerge on top of a highly saturated online space? At the current pace in which website are being created, there will be approximately one billion active websites by the end of 2013. It’s getting more crowded and the fight for attention is getting fiercer. It is high time for web owners to invest a small capital to promote their websites.

A lot of websites became successful without spending a penny on promotion. Why can’t I?

True. There are those who did not invest a penny in internet marketing and still, they became very popular in their niche. The difference between then and now is market saturation. As mentioned above, the number of websites is exponentially increasing. Those who became successful without spending anything in promotion were pioneers in their fields back in the days when the Internet is less crowded.

Don’t fret. Promoting your website does not have to lead to your bankruptcy. With a small investment, here are seven cost effective ways on how you can strengthen your site’s presence and reach.

1. Google Adwords

In traditional marketing, advertising is still considered as the most effective brand building tool based on its per-dollar value. It’s the same case in internet marketing. Strategic Pay per Click advertising can boost your site’s traffic and you don’t have to break the bank to do so. The great thing about PPC is that you’re in full control of your budget and you can bid as low as you want. When you have extremely low bids, your ads may not appear in Google’s results pages, but they will be displayed on websites that use AdSense. PPC has been a staple in search engine marketing because if done properly, it can do wonders in boosting your site’s traffic.

2. Ads Targeted to Specific Ads

On sites that utilize AdSense, you will see that there is a discreet but noticeable link that tells you to “Advertise on this site.” Targeted ads posted on specific sites are great tools to draw in high quality traffic by leveraging a site’s established following. It works like Pay per Click advertising but instead of paying per click, you pay per impression or the number of times your ad showed up whether it gets clicked or not. You can even tailor fit your ads depending on the demographics and psychographics of the sites you’re targeting.

3. Participating in Blog Networks

A blog network is a group of blogs coming together to promote each other. How it works is you browse through the other blogs in the network and you earn credits doing so. You can use these credits to display your banner ads on the other blogs. However, if you need to increase your site’s traffic in a short period of time, you can buy credits for a few dollars.

4. StumbleUpon Ads

Arguably one of the most groundbreaking internet browsing tools in recent years, StumbleUpon allows internet users to be “served” with websites depending on their interests. If you’re looking for browsers who you can convert to regular visitors, StumbleUpon Ads are great options. You only pay $0.05 every time your web page gets delivered and again, you’re in full control of the budget which is essential in cost-competitive internet marketing.

5. Try Out Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads are the perfect example how organic SEO services and paid search can seamlessly merge together. Aside from the ad value, text link ads also double as inbound links via high potential anchor texts which can boost your search engine optimization campaigns by improving your search engine rankings. Just be sure to choose authoritative and credible websites for your text link ads.

6. Sponsored Reviews

Credibility is one of the main drivers of internet traffic and positive word-of-mouth in the form of raving reviews is one way to build your site’s credibility. Investing on sponsored reviews is one of the great ways to stimulate a great flow of traffic to your site.

7. Banner Site Placements

Buying banner site placements is internet marketing’s most direct method of advertising. It’s like buying a newspaper space or a radio or TV spot. Most sites monetized their web properties by selling ad spaces and this is an effective way of driving inbound traffic. Choose sites whose themes are aligned with what you’re offering to ensure you’re capturing the right audience.

Effective Internet Marketing Without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket

Successful online marketing campaigns are created by balancing organic SEO services and paid tactics. The beauty of internet marketing is that costs are competitive, scalable and manageable and you don’t need to spend tons just to get traffic to your site.