seo for business websitesWant More Traffic? It’s Time to Understand SEO.

You finally had a great web site created. Your Facebook business page matches it and everything looks great. Now what? What difference are these efforts making in your business? Are people seeing your website? How do they find it? Do people interact with your Facebook page?

So many of the things you do to market your business are unmeasurable and seem to make no difference. For example, did you know that Facebook’s algorithms can be working against you to prevent the people who like your Page from seeing your status updates?

SEO for business websites can change all of that and make your efforts worthwhile by getting people to the web site you paid to have developed and the Facebook pages you had created. You might know the basics of what SEO (search engine optimization) is—it’s taking various, specific actions to improve the ranking of your web site in search engines like Google and Bing.

But the problem for most businesses is, you don’t know where to start. That’s where I come in. SEO is intimidating to most people. Now, you are most likely thinking “Who is this woman, and what are her credentials?” Well, you should ask that, because you want to make sure everything you learn about SEO is from a source that is credible. Here are my credentials:

Four months ago I had a free blog website floating around in “www-outer space.” I learned about SEO, implemented it, and it worked. End of story.

I am you four months ago. The best part of the story is that my experience makes your SEO task…not easier…but believable. Because I’m just like you and four months ago I had no idea where to start, wherever you are today, you can believe that your efforts can make a difference. So let’s dive in!


The big buzzword in SEO right now is Authorship. Google is the lead search engine and therefore is the industry standard for new methods. Google is constantly in a war against spammers and as a result, are changing the “game” of SEO into something that is not easily “gamed.”

Now, Google is looking for you. They are looking for ways to authenticate your website and putting major emphasis on YOU. So your job is to tell them you are real. They are looking for ways to measure your value, your validity and your relevancy, and you have to show them.

Here is your To Do List:

    • Verify your website with Google Webmaster Tools. So many people never do this and it is an absolute must! This is akin to you giving Google your business card and them putting you in their Contacts.
    • Get a Google+ page for yourself. And in the Links section of your Profile, add your website under “Contributor To”. I am currently learning things DAILY about Google+ and its effect on my search engine rankings, and it is mind-blowing how much Google is using this social media platform as an authentication tool.
    • Set up a Gravatar. This is a world-recognized service that connects the photo that you upload to the email that you enter. Gravatar finds you! Whenever you use your email address, Gravatar pushes your photo through. Your photos can now show up in the search results when your website is ranked. Have your started to see photos in search results? This makes your website look more real and reliable in search results.

Do your homework. Authorship is the tip of the iceberg. In my next post, I’ll start talking to you about optimizing your content. That is the bear…the tedious task. But it will make all the difference. Together, you and I are embarking on a journey of going through all the same steps that I have taken in the last 4 months, most of which I did in the first month. So if you want to be an overachiever and take the fast track, I have listed some resources at the end that I recommend to get you started thinking about SEO. Because it is not really about a To Do list. It is about thinking about SEO, relevancy, authorship, and your audience. Challenge yourself to find your answers…that is what I did. And I guarantee it will be both rewarding for your mind and for your business!