With the amount of businesses offering similar products or services as your company, getting found on search engines can be a battle. You probably already know the importance of optimizing your website’s content, but did you know that you should be incorporating SEO into your social media posts, too?

Read the 4 steps below to begin including SEO into your social media posts today:

Step 1

To start, you will need to do a little keyword research. Depending on what your tweet or Facebook update is going to be about, research any related terms or phrases and see which ones come up with the strongest results. Since space is very limited on Twitter, getting one or two keywords in your tweet is fine. You could possibly add more to a Facebook post, but it depends on the length. Cram too many keywords into a post and it will look like unreadable spam. Find a good balance between sending out social media updates that are interesting, but also optimized.

Step 2

To further your reach on Twitter, be sure to hashtag the keywords you choose. A hashtag is a pound sign (#) followed by whatever word or phrase you choose. This will still provide SEO benefits while making it easier for anyone interested in the topics you’re posting about to find you. For example: #SEO, #searchengineoptimization, #optimize.

Step 3

Now that you’re sending out interesting tweets and Facebook updates that have been optimized for the search engines, take a look at your company bio. Did you include keywords in that too? If not, revise it to include a few of your most important keywords. You’ll want to do this on any social media sites to ensure you’re giving your company even better odds at coming up in search results.

Step 4

Make sure you check privacy settings on all of your social media accounts. If your tweets are protected and your social media accounts are private, all the SEO in the world won’t be able to help you. If the search engines can’t get a hold of your content, tweets, and updates, they’re not going to optimize. Make sure your pages are public so you can benefit from combining social media with search engine optimization.

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