Analysts from research firm BIA/Kelsey predict paid search ads will drive over 100 billion calls to US businesses by 2019. You might already include call conversions in your AdWords account, but do you know what to do next?

We’ve covered campaign-level, device-level, and keyword-level optimizations. Next up? Ad group-level optimizations for call conversions in AdWords. You can watch it now:


Alright, so ad group-level reporting. You have an ad group with high keyword count. The best practice I think is about 5 to 10, maybe 10 to 20 keywords in your ad group. I think it’s 5 to 10 is best practice these days. But we have thousands and thousands of keywords. So if we only have a few keywords for an ad group, our campaign management and our ad group management is just very robust.


I know a lot of you have ad groups with a high volume of keywords, specifically the non-branded. And that’s okay, because there is a path we can take to move through that. So if you have an ad group with a high volume of keywords and you have a high volume of calls, what you want to do is you want to find the exact keywords driving the calls within that ad group.

That’s where you want to really segment out again. So back to the same question, you can either segment out the lower performers and keep the top performers where they’re at, or you can segment out the top performers and then just put a lot of effort into making sure that quality score gets back to where it is. Which I do find you can do that, because if you have the top performers segmented out in the ad copies at the ad group level you can really optimize, focus in on that ad copy. But either way that you want to do it is absolutely fine. The key is the segment.

So this will help you to improve quality score and, again, provide dedicated budget to those high-value keywords. And I say high-value a lot because it’s kind of what I’ve grown up on in the paid search world. High-value to me means the top performers.


And then the other one. Ad groups with mixed keyword match types and high volume of calls. So this is really where it gets important that you want to make sure you have keyword match type- level call attribution, because you need to restructure those ad groups. Again, do it whichever way you feel the most comfortable in. But you do want to make sure that if you have ad groups with a high volume of calls specifically, you want to break everything out into an exact match ad group, a broad match ad group, and a ph¡rase match ad group.

If you’re short on time make sure to at least break out exact match. This is really going to improve your CPA, because if Google sees an exact match keyword and there’s an exact match query (so somebody searches for the exact match) your CPC will be less because you have ad copy specific to that. And so overall your CPA is going to be improved. So that’s a key one here. Do the best that you can to at least segment out keywords and ad groups that are driving calls at a match type level.