Life and Death of LinksIf you like horror movies, Frankenstein’s creature was the best example. If you are religious, Jesus did it. If you’re up on fashion trends, you see the bell bottoms and white-rimmed sunglasses making a comeback. And if you remember Elvis… wait. That’s enough. You get the idea.

The idea is resurrection. We live in a world where the fear of death is prevalent. This fear sends our minds into tailspins, and with good reason, we truly wonder what happens when the zero hour comes upon us. It’s not encouraging to think about this, but we often take comfort in the idea that we can somehow live again.

Without getting too mortally philosophical, there is a necessity of bringing things back to life in various aspects of our own day-to-day existence. If you brush off that old mandolin that hasn’t been used since your grandpa strummed it or refurbish an old wash stand, you are putting real human life back into something. Objects are made to be used by us, and when they are not, they seem dead. We have the power, at times, to bring them back from the grave.

This is a good idea in online marketing, too. There are times when something you use for your business goes dead for whatever reason, and eventually, you find a way to bring it back into existence. It’s a form of resurrection, and in no case is it more necessary than in online links.

We love links online. We can get to our favorite pages lickety-split and see new information in a matter of seconds. But when these little channels go dead—especially in online business connections—our potential for prosperity goes dead as well. When this happens, you need a method of resurrection in place. As a business pro, you actually have the power to bring your links back to life.

Most dead links in online business happen with errors in the content itself. If you consult an online publisher or editor, he or she will point you to the Meta tags of your data. Those funny tags like “<np>” and “<h1>” help get your content present on online pages, but they are a tad sensitive. An extra space or wrong tag coding will deaden them immediately. If you are experiencing dead links with them, the best thing to do is check the Meta tags. Just a few adjustments can bring them back to life.

In the event that you have more than one dead link, you really have to do a full resurrection overhaul of your business. No doubt you have interlinking in place with your business, with links to your Web pages on other sites as well as links on your page from other businesses. You’ve done the link-building process and created an interlinking network. This is all fine, but when they go dead, you have to check them out. Each stage of the link-building process has to be examined, and again, if there are errors in the link coding, they must be repaired. Your networks have to be checked, and you must ensure that the links are in the right places under the right guidelines. If you know about off-page techniques, you know that there are criteria that you must follow as to how many links you can include in certain places and where they are to be placed specifically. Deviating from this breaks the off page-techniques standards and results in search engines deadening your off-page search engine optimization (SEO) channels. This can get you into trouble, so it’s best to not only ensure your links are properly tagged but that they adhere to off-page SEO regulations. If you worry about this, contact whatever search engine you think is causing this, and get its off-page SEO information firsthand.

It sounds a bit cryptic, but interlinking and online link resurrection are both a bit like housekeeping tasks. If your links go dead, you just have to clean them up a bit. The power of resurrection is in your hands, so make sure you use it well in online links. Bringing life back to your online business is a great power to have.

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