We were recently onboarding a new LiveBall customer when they approached us with a request that would alleviate a major pain point for them if we could solve it. This customer had always wanted zip code lead routing implemented for their web leads but hadn’t been able to get this functionality in place previously. When we heard what they needed we were confident we could come up with an efficient solution with their LiveBall console.
The request: Based on the zip code a lead enters on the landing page form, the customer wanted an immediate notification to be delivered to the corresponding sales agent in the field. There are thousands of field agents, and each have about ten to twenty postal codes assigned to them. There’s definitely urgency around getting a lead to the appropriate sales agent while they’re still hot. Working with an extremely large serviceable area as well as a large field of sales agents can create a delay in lead routing and assignment, especially if you’re relying on an outside vendor or platform to sort and deliver these leads. We wanted to assist in making this process as automated, seamless and fast as possible—making sure the lead was in the field reps hands right away.
The solution: In LiveBall, you can send an immediate, automatic lead notification to a set of email addresses, but delivering the lead notification based on something as granular as postal codes required a unique solution. To tackle the customer’s request, we decided to use LiveBall’s Lookup Table feature to manage relational data right within the LiveBall console, combined with a Scriptlet (a custom piece of Javascript that helps non-technical marketers accomplish advanced functionality in LiveBall). Here’s how it works:

  1. A .csv file was uploaded to the customer’s LiveBall console that contains all the applicable postal codes and a corresponding column with the sales agents’ email addresses.
  2. We created a Scriptlet that calls the appropriate email address from the Lookup Table, based on the lead’s zip code.
  3. Simple advanced rules (no, that’s not an oxymoron—it’s true!) were added to the form to run the scriptlet and deliver the notification.

Here’s what the rules looked like:

It may look like greek to you, but we walked the customer through this simple set up and they were good to go!
So, with three simple steps this advanced functionality was implemented—powerful stuff without complex, custom coding. The end result:  A visitor submits a form and immediately the sales agent assigned to that visitor’s zip code receives an email containing the information the lead submitted.  LiveBall’s LookUp table feature is flexible and can accommodate a variety of advanced functionality. In turn, a Scriptlet can be used to call data managed in the table and perform actions based on it. Aside from lead delivery, super cool things like conditional content substitution can be accomplished.

It’s always fun to see how LiveBall customers leverage these powerful features.