Landing pages are the first destination for new users coming to your site. They offer a representation of your brand, and can be a great tool for capturing leads and driving sales. However, your landing page will not help convert users if they are not optimized for generating leads. It is essential to maintain a flow to your page and provide clear value and direction for users through quality content and design. Improve the effectiveness of your campaigns and drive more sales by offering a seamless user experience.

1. Keep It Simple

Landing pages are most effective when they can convey your benefits and calls to action quickly and clearly. Studies have shown that simplicity results in a 96 percent increase in customer loyalty, 86 percent increase in likelihood to purchase and 115 percent increase in likelihood to recommend. Keep your delivery simple by offering concise, bite-sized content and simplistic design that directs a visitor through the page clearly.

Leverage a one-column layout to create more control over what people will read as the design will draw attention to the copy and draw users to scan the page from top to bottom. Use visual elements strategically to make calls to action pop and draw attention to your key points. Be direct with users by providing a story, offering something for their time, and asking for their information or a sale. Tell your story as quickly as possible in an easy to read format, leveraging design and formatting such as bullet points to increase clarity.

Check out this simplistic, yet effective design by Wistia

(Source: Wistia)

2. Merge Similar Functions

Keeping in mind that simplicity increases engagement and conversion rates; eliminate any duplicate features by merging them or removing all together. Too many features on a page can create clutter, which may disrupt the flow you are trying to establish for visitors. Condense redundant page features to focus on simplicity.

For example, if you have various links to contact, phone number, customer service or call now, combine them into a single “Contact Us” link. Additionally, a simplified navigation can encourage users to explore other pages on your site without being distracted from your calls to action. If your landing page is clear and appealing, users will find where to get in touch with you and understand how best to engage.

3. Balance Your Give and Take

In life, as in marketing, balance is important. When asking users to engage on your landing page by completing a form, making a purchase or contacting your company, it is important to offer something of value in return. By providing an incentive to engage, such as a free month of service or download, you can increase conversions and build stronger relationships with users. Users often understand that your end goal is to get them to make a purchase, so avoid being pushy with sales material while still being direct about the recommended action you want them to take.

Try showcasing your benefits instead of talking about your products or recommending features instead of showing equal choices to help increase conversions while remaining unobtrusive. To avoid high abandonment, remove all barriers to entry such as decreasing form lengths by only asking users to provide the information you really need.

By providing an incentive to engage, such as a free month of service or download, you can increase conversions and build stronger relationships with users.

(Source: Netflix)

4. Leverage User-Generated Content

Don’t talk too much about yourself; let your customers do it for you. Using user-generated content in your landing page copy can help increase trust and encourage users to pursue action. Nielsen reports that 92 percent of consumers trust earned media above all other forms of advertising.

Show potential customers that other people are using your product or service by including user testimonials, customer reviews and social brand mentions on your page. Leverage user generated content to reinforce your call to action and drive more sales.

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5. Resonate Your Primary Action

Strong calls to action can help convey your benefits and direct users to interact. Echo your page focus in your headlines, content and calls to action to increase clarity. If your landing page goes below the fold onto a second page (and in most cases it probably shouldn’t), repeat your call to action again at the end of the page to boost visibility and remind users to engage. By removing barriers to entry having an actionable button or form at the end of the page, users can engage without having to scroll back to the top and search for where to interact.

Strong calls to action can help convey your benefits and direct users to interact.

(Source: Manpacks)


By developing strong landing pages, your brand can increase the effectiveness of online campaigns and expand its online reach. Use landing pages to customize your messaging with consumers and create stronger brand engagement. By establishing your tone and voice to unique audience segments, you can increase your engagement across all digital assets and be seen as an authority within your space. Employ this authority to drive more sales through targeted campaigns, focused landing pages and personalized lead nurturing.