Your business will not grow unless you are constantly generating new business, and PPC lead generation is a great way to help fuel that desired growth. An existing customer base is great, but your business will not experience growth unless you are bringing new lead prospects through your sales funnel that will eventually convert into sales and revenue for your business.

Every business can benefit from pay per click advertising, whether the focus is to drive online sales or leads. We are going to focus on tips to help generate more leads for your business. Without constantly adding new prospects to your sales funnel it will eventually dry up and the cycle will stop, and PPC advertising is a great way to keep that funnel full of potential sales.

PPC Lead Generation Increase Your Leads Now

Not every person that lands on your website is going to be ready to purchase right away. The purpose of lead generation is to gather prospects that have shown an interest in your product or service, and begin to provide them with information that shows them why they need to buy what you are selling. Some businesses will enter new leads into their system and then their sales team will reach out and attempt to close the deal once the prospect hits a certain spot in the sales funnel. The trick is loading that sales funnel up with prospects, and PPC is a great platform to accomplish this.

Why PPC Lead Generations Performs Well

A successful online marketing campaign to generate leads needs to include several platforms. Blogging, email marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing can all very effective forms of lead generation, but they take time. With PPC you can put your brand directly in front of people searching for the product or service that you are selling almost instantly.

We often hear many business owners say that they avoid pay per click advertising because they have to pay for each click received, but name one form of online advertising that is free. There aren’t any, because when it comes down to it there is a cost associated with all marketing. Blog content doesn’t get created for free, email marketing software and the time to run the campaigns are not free, search engine optimization certainly isn’t free, and social media marketing requires employees to manage it, which also isn’t free.

There is no ramp up and no waiting. With pay per click advertising you can begin to generate leads right away.

Why Your Business Should Consider PPC Lead Generation

  • Instantly attract website visitors that are actively seeking the product or service you offer
  • Instantly dominate the top of the search results without having to wait for organic SEO results
  • You can use your PPC data to see what search terms are resulting in the highest conversion rate and adjust your other marketing campaigns accordingly to target the same keywords
  • PPC is extremely measureable and it allows you to see where every penny is spent and what the precise ROI is for the campaign

How to Maximize Your Leads With PPC

You need a great offer. You need to offer your visitor something that he or she cannot pass up in exchange for their name and email address, at the very least. Each business will have a different criteria for the data needed to collect in order to create a lead. Some will only need a name and email while some will require more detailed information. Your offer needs to present them with something of value that they desire enough that is results in them submitting their information.

Monitor you acquisition cost. PPC allows you to see all of your data and precisely know how much it is costing you to acquire each lead. Before you even start a PPC campaign you need to have a target cost-per-lead determined. By monitoring and optimizing you can keep the CPL on target. If you end up spending too much per lead the ROI will be nonexistent or even negative.

Make sure your landing pages are relevant. Not only will relevant landing pages help you obtain higher quality scores and a lower cost-per-click, but they will also help you generate more leads. If your landing page copy isn’t highly related to the ad copy the prospect clicked on it is very unlikely they will convert. Your landing pages will require constant adjustment and optimization, just like you PPC ads.

Use a solid CMS. If you are spending all of this time and money to generate leads wouldn’t it be wise to make sure that your sales team is following up properly at each stage of the sales funnel? Using a client management system (CMS) allows you to see the leads progress through your entire funnel and when and how they were each contacted. This data allows you to see at which stage your leads are converting and at which stage they drop off the map.